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    Remembering the little girl, a tear - jerker.

    It was a short vacation in our school and our neighbour proposed a visit to a well known temple on the sides of a river flowing through the hilly town where we were living at that time.

    The visit was soon planned as a picnic as we packed our food, snacks and other items to enjoy the outing. As it was a rainy season we kept a few umberellas also with us. We were total 7 persons my parents, my sister, our neighbours and their little girl aged around 8-9 years.

    At that time, only Jeeps were plying from the town to the temple area which was about 7 km from our house. The temple was on the other side of the river and an old and narrow wooden hanging bridge was there to reach the temple.

    We reached the place and collected our belongings with us and slowly walked towards the bridge. As the bridge was narrow we have to walk one after the other. The river below was gushing with water and a lot of noise was coming from it.

    The girl's mother was guiding the girl to move along her and we were slowly walking and holding the side channel of the bridge to make our balance as due to wind the bridge was slowly swinging in the lateral directions.

    Suddenly the lady screamed and what we saw was very fearful thing that one of the side panels was broken and while moving on the little girl got disbalanced and slipped from the mother's hand and fell down in the river from the side opening.

    We all were very much afraid to see this and a few locals tried to go into the river but could not help as the water current was very high and the girl was swept away in no time.

    From the nearby village we contacted the town police and other authorities who also sent some search parties but even the body of the girl could not be traced out as this river merged with a bigger one on the lower slopes of the hills.

    The parents were in a shocked state as she was their only daughter now lost in this accident.

    The fun filled event turned into a sad one and today when I recollect back it is still a tear - jerker.

    This is the entry for TOW contest tear jerker.
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    It is very sad. A picnic planned brought death to a small girl. I can understand the grief of the parents of the daughter who lost their daughter in this act. That incident can never be forgotten. Whenever we remember such incidents it is sure that our eyes will become wet.
    The author narrated a real incident in a very appealing way.

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    Losing a child is a great grief for the parents. The tragic incident will definitely be remembered in the memory of the individuals who were present there at that time.
    Knowledge is power.

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    That's a very sad story you mentioned. You might have repented for your decision to visit the temple in the rainy season and that too when you had to cross the river from a narrow bridge. It's not easy to save a person in a river flowing with very high speed. I can understand the pain her parents might have been suffering after losing her in that accident.

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