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    Disguising/ Masking does not help in saving your identity.

    I was wondering whether disguise or masking can actually help someone to hide his/ her identity. I remember old movies where a beard or even a scar could be used to change the identity of a person. But can someone hide behind such artificial means? I doubt.

    The way a person speaks or acts and his body language are basic things that are very difficult to change. And why should one? I am personally of the opinion that one should be himself/ herself. Trying to be someone else reflects on the character of a person. Be yourself and don't ever try to become someone else.

    Don't you think such an attitude will help you as a knowledgeable and thinking person? Trying to be someone different by hiding behind a mask does not actually help. Let us discuss this point seriously.
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    I am glad you brought this up. We share same suspicions. A particular new member does seem very active and acknowledged. The funniest part is the name being used is an easy give away. It doesn't seem very original a name to me. And I do have a pretty good idea of who that disguised person is and so do you.
    I dont know what is the reason behind this mask.

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    Oh update. I think I know what that disguised member is after. That member wants to resurrect a topic that was probably banned by editors. Is it a good strategy? Well, certainly this action is not harmful now but the member can get ideas. A mask is the strongest weapon a man can wield. So it's natural for an editor like yourself to be worried about this.
    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    It will happen in movies only. In real life, we can identify the person by his mannerisms and behaviour. These days we see many people both girls and boys completely covering their faces with some clothes or helmets. I feel this is to avoid the bad effects of pollution when they come out. But if it is to hide their identity, I feel it is not correct. A known person can identify him/her easily.
    From the response given by Aditya, I understand that a member opened another account with another name in ISC. But I couldn't understand that person. Anyhow I will once see the forums whether I will get any clue in that direction.
    Why one should behave like a different person. When I am correct and I can make the point well there is no necessity to hide my identity. Only detectives who want to investigate some hidden thinks may do that.

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    Just now gone through some of the threads by the people who newly opened their account. I have seen the posts of a new member. They are very good and not definitely from a new member. Now I feel this is definitely from an old member with a new name and new account. I don't know what is there behind. As an Editor the author of the thread knows the issues better than the other members.
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    Those who try to fool others will become fools themselves. The identity of the person about whom this discussion is taking place is known to all. Such people are a disgrace to this forum. Instead of correcting himself, that member is trying to create an unhealthy atmosphere here. Hope better sense will prevail and the person behaves properly with all his education and his position in the society.
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    [Response removed by Admin. Read forum policies.]

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    I am sorry Ghochuchand, but I guess both you and we all know that the disguised member being discussed is you. Your motives are not at question here. This turn of events is rather interesting. As for your questions, stop resurrecting what is dead. Some discussions lead to nowhere. Do you think I have no such threads to raise? I have literally tons of topics to discuss here but the those topics won't gain much attention. Yesterday you posted as an X. Today as Gochu. Tomorrow another persona. But that post you want to get attention to will never get. It will be banned again and again and you will come out in your newer avatars. In the end you will be branded a spammer which none of us want.
    So please don't take this to such extent. Some topics are just not worth discussing about.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    I will be honest. My dad used to be a very valuable member to this site until he started taking things to heart. My dad looks at things in a very "hindutva nationalist" way. Every new development looks like a sabotage on Hinduism to him. And to my surprise he isn't alone in that approach here. I know a couple more members who think in exactly the same way. I can't really blame them. People can have opinions. But to enforce such opinions on others is a flaw.
    Now my dad has discontinued after quarreling over something very trivial. Don't fall under his category anyone. Editors try their best to maintain a content. And reissuing something that has been previously deleted relentlessly is tantamount to spamming. And no editor will ever tolerate a spammer. So please try to be compatible with the website's ways.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    It's true that disguising is not going to help anybody in any way. It may work to keep a watch on some suspicious activities, as we see in cases of investigative agencies, but it's temporary. All acts of disguise are for some moments and if it continues for a long time then the person in disguise herself/himself becomes suspicious in the eyes of others.

    One may wear a mask to hide some traits, but remember it's very difficult to hide the original. When in disguise, you always have to remember that you have to hide your originality from others and that will make you over cautious. Every time you need to be very careful of your activities and a small slip will prove costly. This is how the persons in disguise are caught. If you do not grow a moustache but wish to wear one, you need to take the help of synthetic ones that can be pasted with glues. Now imagine if the glue dries up what can happen.


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    Ghochuchand, Thanks for mentioning that you will go through all my posts with the utmost respect and carefully. That is sufficient for me and I feel I have not wasted my time in ISC. Now coming to my comment on new writers, I formed that opinion due to the following.
    1. I have been watching the first post of many newcomers. None of those posts is as good as your first post with this name.
    2. The subject discussed also was a very critical subject which will not be selected by a new member.
    3. The writing style is also very familiar.
    Anyhow my suggestion to you is "Be a Roman when you are in Rome".
    Otherwise, life will become very difficult.
    I was in China for 20 days in the year 2000. I am a strict vegetarian. Getting veg food there is very difficult. But somehow I managed there without touching the nonveg. As I have gone there for a particular assignment, I have completed and came back. I felt settling there will be very difficult.

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    What is the need for hiding the identity? It's of no use to act like what you are not. I have seen many people who believe in the same as they think they have to match up with the society by hiding what they are. In the real world, I don't think we should do that whereas in the virtual world most of the people do that because they don't want to expose their real identity as they don't want their virtual friends to peep in their real life and in my opinion that's okay. Everyone has his own thinking.

    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    Disguising/masking does help in saving our identity. In olden days, Emperors and Kings used to go around their city in a disguised form to understand the problems of their subjects. Lord Sri Ram, after his return to Ayodhya, went around the city and came to know the feelings of his subjects about Sita's chastity. Thus Sita was made to have an Agni Pravesh to prove her chastity.

    However, in ISC, disguising/masking won't help the members or affect the ISCian or the ISC in any way. The member in disguise has already unmasked through his lengthy detailed response.

    # I was forced to post a response to this vague thread by the author.

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    We are living in a completely different world then what we have felt of about it till now & this world believes in show-off & we are in a big competition always in order to prove that we have got more in comparison to others but we shouldn't be that much concern of so far we are experienced enough to know their mindset & intentions.

    If we all are honest to admit then we all are having some sort of this which we want to continue with it.

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    Many people like the game of hide and seek and enjoy behind the mask. It is not a new trick or technique. The problem comes when ones intellect and real nature and behaviour starts to pierce through the duisguised identity and starts to create a faint picture through the partially opaque mask. That is when people start to see the hazy image of the person through that refraction.

    Many members have joined this year only and they are doing exceedingly well from the day one and have already scored huge points. So it is not that a new member will be always staggering in his initial attempts or contributions in the site.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It is disgraceful if Ghochuchandran is indeed an old member masquerading as a new member.

    I suggest that this matter is brought to the notice of the Webmasters, so they can determine the real identity of this fake member. They have the means to identify the IP address of members, and if this member is indeed pulling wool over people's eyes then I recommend strict disciplinary action be taken against them.

    I think everyone here believes, they know the identity of the impersonator.

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    Rajee at #654229, were you forced? And is this thread vague? Common, don't act as if you are ignorant. My direct response here should not have prompted you if you were here naturally.
    'Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance' - Confucious.

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    Saji- Rajee & Ghochu are same? After reading all the responses I guess they both are same. And if they are then why they are doing so?.

    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    What prompted you to direct me to look at this thread through a link? What is in your mind? I am sure that this is a vague thread from you. I have clearly stated that disguising or masking is both useful and useless, but in ISC, it is not useful at all. It won't help a member in any form. If any old dismissed member from ISC is playing foul against ISC or its members in a disguised form by wearing a mask, ISC can easily trace the member and apply ZTP.

    Sanjeev Gupta,
    Are you sure? How did you misunderstand and come to this wrong conclusion? You are seriously mistaken in identifying the members with a mask. Don't be in a hurry to post wrong information that Rajee and Ghochu are the same. Who is Ghochu and who is Rajee? You are just a month old member at ISC and may not be knowing the many-year-old members.

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    This is getting to be interesting and a bit long drawn out. Perhaps ISC can offer some points/cash credits to the first 5 people who name the person?

    One ought to learn from NASA to try to cover the tell-tale signs of cover up. While it takes a little while to strip off those fakeries, here it is quite obvious from other posts from the member. Just toss out a few trigger words like 'Pakistan", or Muslim", or "Rahul Gandhi", etc. in a friendly way, and you will get a fiery response, along with a disastrous self-certification of humility.
    I 'd guess Rajee was used as a 'red herring'.

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    Rajee I am not sure but the way you are protecting Ghouchu on all his threads seem as if you and he has a connection.

    Yes, I am 2 months old member here but it does not depend on the experience here only. I wish if I am mistaken.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    Why can't we discuss the thread as a general point of discussion without linking it to any member of ISC here. The author of the thread though a Lead Editor of ISC never mentioned about the happenings in ISC and initiated it for general discussion in the capacity as a member. Let us respect the privacy of members and Admin is well aware of such accounts and action would be taken when such members violate the laid down norms.

    Now, I am responding to the main content of the topic of the thread as a regular member. None can hide our face under a mask for a long time. Our actions and in-actions would surely reveal sooner or later!


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    Sanjeev Gupta,
    I never protected or supported the member Ghochuchandran anywhere in this section. My posts and responses are very limited. Whatever I have said in this thread is my own personal free and frank opinion, and thought about disguise/masking.

    You said"On all his threads". How many threads of Ghochuchandran received my response? Can you pinpoint the threads where I protected and supported the member in this forum section to prove my connection with the masked member? I think you will try. If you cannot, feel sorry and seek an apology.

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    Rajee I apologise if you felt bad.

    But why did you say this: "I was forced to post a response to this vague thread by the author."

    Don't you think it means something?


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    Mr Sanjeev Gupta,
    Good that you realized and apologized for your mistake. Yes. I was forced indirectly. Because, in another thread of Sitakalyani on ' suggestion for forum responses', as a counter-response, the good editor has linked this thread of disguise/masking, to have a look at, for reasons unknown. I am Rajee, a gold member since June 2011. Now, I have time to be active at ISC. That made me call this thread a vague one.

    You said, "Don't you think it means something?" What it could mean, Sanjeev Gupta?

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