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    Give, but never ever expect anything in return, for absolute happiness

    The happiest of people, one does note in real life, are deeply spiritual and are also very kind people. They are also sort of selfless. They go on helping others and their physical help in times of need like when someone is in the hospital and so on, is unique.

    The greatest of saints, called Mahaperiyavaa, of the Kanchi Kamakotti Peetam of Kanchipuram, a district headquarters town, some eighty kilometers from Chennai, was an apostle of peace. Irrespective of caste or community or even religion, he had reached out to millions of people. Under His influence, one does notice hundreds of people, doing selfless service of the tallest order.

    Their sons are highly educated and earn so much. They own huge houses in the metros. It is still a big wonder to see such people do so much of service.

    They are indeed very happy people. It is perhaps God's way of making such people live in this world. Such superb saints are also a big influence as far as spiritual values are concerned.

    We should learn to give all love and affection to people. I do my bit by way of free coaching in terms of spoken English skills to some student communities.

    What do members have to say on such service to society?
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    Kanchi Swamy is a very dedicated person who strives for the welfare of the society. There are many devotees to him and they do a lot of service in addition to donating money to the society to support their programmes. I appreciate them for their dedication and service as per the guidance of the Kanchi Swamy. But such saints were also ill-treated by the political leaders in Tamilnadu.
    All of us also should do as much as possible either in the form of service to mankind for the uplift of society or donating money for some good causes. I will also be doing whatever possible in different ways to needy people. I used to teach mathematics, chemistry and physics to intermediate students free of cost in my house even though I was not in the teaching profession. In many places of worship, I have donated some amount for free meals scheme for the pilgrims visiting those places. It may be a drop in a big ocean but everyone should do their best.

    always confident

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    Yes, Sir. Mahaperiyava was ill-treated by some political leaders, but he never spoke at all. Only Jeyandrasaraswathi Swamigal was controversial, as he spoke about the Ram Temple in Ayodhya and so on. However, the elderly saint had made millions understand that only peace and harmony are important in life. He had even motivated
    Dr. Subramaniam Swamy to open up a dialogue with China. He did that donkey's years ago. Peace has to prevail and war would be very costly. The saint had always taught that hatred and war are very dangerous.

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