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    Do good and don't cast it into the river.

    It's an old saying " Do good and cast it into the river." but how many of us follow the same. I personally don't follow it in today's world where everyone is indulging in a race to go ahead from others.

    I remember the people in the past were good they used to think more about others and used to indulge themselves in helping others and don't use to expect anything in return.

    The expectation is what has changed us. Why do we expect things in return? Can't we help others with a lust?

    Do you still follow this proverb or you too as I have changed this proverb?
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    If I want any help from others and I will go and request them for help. Similarly, anyone comes to me for a help I will do that but never expect anything in return from them. If when I see some people who are in problems if I can do anything I will try to do something without expecting in return from them.
    As a human being, it is our minimum courtesy to help the needy. Even though we may not get anything n return on the spot from them this will be credited into your account and the God will give the benefit in some way or other.

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    True. We need to serve with no expectation. But it is not that easy. It is how we have made such complex relationships so far. We expect things in return. Thus trading in the mask of helping. We are so used to getting a favour in return that I doubt if we can curb our want for return. There are two ways we can get a return for our mercy. One would be the person being helped considers himself indebted and returns you a favour. Another way is when we help someone who we know cannot repay us back in anyway, we aim to advertise our "good" nature.
    These habits are very hard to curb and would require a very high maturity to understand. But helping without interest in return is addicting. So if you do it once the good habit will grow upon you.

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