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    Why are we nowadays silent on population explosion?

    If some reports are any indication, we will soon become the most populous nation in the world, and beat China.

    Of course, we can't seemingly beat that nation in anything else. Look at the manner in which they seem to be giving importance to education and research and development. Our super-fast trains, do not even touch 160 km per hour. They have trains that run in excess of three hundred kilometers per hour.

    That part of China which is capitalist is now the manufacturing center for the whole world. In our country, we seem to be only agreeing to disagree on so many issues.

    For almost two decades now, the population problem has never been addressed. We still assume that a huge middle class will only add value to our economy. But when the global economy slows down, when robots will be seen everywhere, a huge population will be a big minus.

    How do we re-kindle the debate on the population boom?
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    Increasing population has been the hindrance in the growth of our nation. It's dangerous as due to overpopulation we have a number of mouths to feed in comparison to the natural resources available in the country.
    I don't know where we are going to land in terms of population in the next few years if we grow at such a rate.
    A difference between demand and supply is making our economy weak. We need to make people aware of it. Maybe due to the high percentage of illiteracy people don't know the disadvantage of the same.
    Whereas China has strict laws against the population. According to a survey, the population of China will remain constant until 2030 and then will start decreasing. I was reading a report that a Chinese couple wishes to have an average of 1.93 kids which is on a decreasing trend.
    China has made a long-term plan for the fighting problem of the overpopulation whereas India has not. That's the difference.


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    Population in India is increasing However, there is a steadiness in the growth rate now a days. Earlier during the period between 1891 to 1921, almost a steady state was reported. It was around 125 million. But from 1921 to 1951 the growth became fast and there was a population explosion from 1951 onwards. During the period between 1951 to 1961, a growth of 21.5 percent is reported. After this the growth rate (in percentage) for every ten year period were 24.8, 25.0, 25.3, 26.9 and 26.3. It shows almost a steadiness has got established. That may be a reason for the silence in the population control front.

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    In terms of population, India is just after China and it is true that according to some statistics India is going to move ahead of China within the next few years. As Mr. T.M. Sankaran has already mentioned with the statistics, we can see the growth of population almost steady. Now we can see a yearly growth of almost 1.2%, but still it is a big problem for our country.

    While the population that is already there has to effectively manged and utilized for the growth of the country, awareness should be there too so that alarming growth of population is not witnessed. It is not that the problem remain unaddressed earlier. It is because of the various awareness campaigns that we see an almost steady growth. Lot more awareness among the masses, especially in the rural areas, are required so that people can understand the ill effects of the rise in population.


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    The main reasons for the population growth are.
    1. Illiteracy. In India still, there are people who don't know write and read. There are people who can't even sign. They go for thumb impression only. They are not aware of the implications of overpopulation.
    2. Some people belonging to a particular community, feel that going for family planning is a sin. They never undergo family planning operations. They will have more 3 or 4 children also. That is causing a problem for population growth.
    3. Many people wanted to have both a girl and a boy. So in that attempt, they are going for 3 children.
    To have a control over this issue, the government should think of following the procedures that are being followed in China. In China, there are strict rules and regulations. They will be followed very strictly.
    4. If the government brings in a rule that people with more than 2 children are not eligible for government jobs, there may be an improvement.
    5. In our organisation, we introduced an incentive scheme for family planning. If an employee gets the family planning operation after having one child, he will be given two additional increments. Similarly, if an employee gets the operation done after two kids he will be given one additional increment. 100% of the employees undergone the operation and they got either one or two increments.

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