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    A father’s dream interview of his Photographer daughter!

    The young girl Shraddha who made her debut as a Director of Photography for the Super hit Hindi movie 'Ye Zindagi tere li ye' was the much sought interviewee across the country. The sensational movie gave credit to her clicks at various beautiful spots in the country and the sceneries spoke more than the words. Her extraordinary performance with lens proved to be her possible dominance in the Bollywood in the field of Photography. The picturisation of song on the hero and heroine at the Chitrakoot Waterfalls in Chattisgarh was truly a highlight for the movie. The movie won many national and International Awards and Shraddha too got her share on her debut.

    Jagdeep, the Editor for Sports and entertainment wing of the My India TV, was very anxious to interview the novice in Bollywood in the field of Photography. A proud moment and rare occasion for a father to watch it on live! The interview started with usual questions and went on lively. The interview ended up with the following questions:

    1. Jagdeep: What prompted you to choose this career path? How did you transform to be an aspiring photographer?

    Shraddha: It is all accidental. I never thought of becoming a free lancer as it was just my hobby. We used to have our snap shots with Yachica camera but Papa never gave it to me. I had been looking at it since my days of remembrance, say, I might be 4 years old. When I was studying Class 7, my Dad gifted my Mom a Sony Ericson Make mobile. That was my first venture to take snapshots with its camera and the photos looked good than that of my sister and father. Thus my introduction to lens took place and started browsing about the techniques of Photography since then. My father also started encouraging me and internet was my class teacher to learn the basics of Painting and Photgraphy. By the way, I am good at painting and arts too.

    With various Mobile cameras, I used to take good photos while on travel to various places like Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Vizag, Hyderabad and Bhubaneswar. While studying B Tech II year at IIT, Khargpur, I became the Secratary of the Arts and Photography club. I insisted my father to present a DSLR camera of Canon Make which I could succeed but he asked me to try for a video shoot at Koraput and its adjacent Kolab dam in Odisha. Perhaps, this laid a foundation for my new career in forming and I could extremely picturise my first ever video and I could give my father a return gift like this.

    2. Jagdeep: Which one is your best contribution among your works so far? Why?

    Shraddha: As I have already told you, the first video named as 'Rainbow in the tribal domain' covering the beauties and bounties of Koraput and Kolab Dam would be rated as my best contribution as it led me to become a Cinematographer.

    3. Jagdeep: How you are enjoying the great success of the recent Hindi movie and how you could get the chance?

    Shraddha: IIT Kharagpur might have been career path finder for people like Sunder Pitchai but it has shown me a different destination. My activities in cultural and photography activities during Fests organised in IIT made me more popular. Sometimes thinking that I am a journalist, some guests used to ask me to which channel I belong. My videos too became popular in YouTube channel and suddenly I got a call from the Director Abhinav to work for his new movie. He said he was following my FB posts and YouTube videos quite for a long and sure of my calibre. I was shocked for a while but he said a popular photographer Madan Chopra whose call-sheet could not be available will guide me how to go about. Thanks to the great man for his guidance and you all know what happened and because of which this interview too (she smiled).

    Jagdeep: Thank you Shraddha for sparing your time and sharing your thoughts with us. On behalf of our viewers, My India TV wishes you a bright career ahead!

    I suddenly woke up and looked around. Understood slowly about the dream which was a result of my gift - a DSLR camera worth Rs. 42000/- to my daughter. Hope this dream would come true.

    An entry for the Interview contest.
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    A good interview where Shraddha gave details about the journey. Though this interview was the dream of her father, it shows us how interesting a dream can become. It is understood how enthusiastic she is about photography and she's keen on making photography her career despite being an engineer.

    Parents always have great expectations from their children and most of the time can go to any extent to fulfill the child's dream . The father of Shraddha really wants to see her winning accolades from different corners for her fascinating photography and this dream interview is the result of this desire. We all hope that her father's dream becomes a reality.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Good interview by Jagadeep. The questions are very professional and answers are very much in line. An excellent presentation and very informative also. How a father's encouragement to the children will motivate the kids and help them in achieving the top places and success is very well shown in the interview. Probably the father after giving the gift to his daughter wished that she should become a good photographer and he wished that she should become the director of Photography in the movie field. That is why he had that dream.
    always confident

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