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    Be a Self-Motivator- An Interview with the author and “Mr Motivator” – Rahul Raj

    Rahul Raj popularly known as RR is a well-acclaimed author who is famous among children and adults for writing a very motivational content. Be it a student life, college life, professional life or family life RR is known for his style of writing which motivates one and all to excel, move ahead and enjoy life. He has also won many awards at state and national level for his wonderful writing and for his noble intent to motivate people.
    Recently he has come up with a unique book titled "The Art of Self-Motivation" which has already hit the book stands and has received a very good starting response. With this book, Mr. RR has greatly diverted from his earlier writing theme as most of the time his focus was to motivate people with his great ideas, thoughts, and words. But this time he has penned down on a unique topic called "Self-motivation" a concept which is little less popular among masses and people do not tend to practice it. I was a bit sceptical about this book going too far as I felt that Mr. RR had experimented by diverting to a bit different topic. But I was eager to interview him as I knew, kind of writer he was he must have had some logic behind this publication. So there I was, sitting with Mr. RR in front of me with his ever smiling and inspiring face.

    Q1. Sir, I am really not sure how easy or difficult it is for an individual to motivate himself or herself when they themselves need motivation. Is this what do you mean by "Self-Motivation"?

    Answer: Well your thinking is right. When I say self-motivation it means rather than relying on external sources to seek motivation in life why not seek motivation from with you? It is easy to find something which is within yourself rather than getting it from outside, isn't it? A person should start building a habit to inspire themselves rather than seeking external motivation. Yes as you said how a person who is hurt can bandage his own wounds and say "All is well"? It may be difficult but really possible. The only thing required is patience, hope, and trust in God. Every person has the capability to be a Self-Motivator.

    Q2. It makes some sense to me right now. But what is wrong in getting motivated by external factors?

    Answer: Well there is nothing wrong in it, I have never said this in my book. What do you do sometimes when your housemaid does not turn up one day? You clean your house, wash your utensils etc everything by yourself, you have to do. You cannot let your home be dirty. External resources are scarce and they have their own dependencies. Similarly, in the present era where the life of people has become machine-like, nobody has time and energy left to motivate others. In this rate race of money and position do you think you will always find people around to inspire you? No, not always.
    So then what? Will you crash, will you fall out of the need for motivation? No, you should not depend on external motivation. If it does not come, talk to yourself be brave and motivate yourself.

    Q3. Ah! Its such a simple thing but still people don't know that the treasure of motivation lies within them. One last question. Do you think this so-called "Self-motivation" concept will be welcomed all the classes of people? Some may say it is useless right?

    Answer: Ha Ha Ha! I don't think trying to self-motivate can harm anyone. At best it will require them to have some time for themselves and make their mindset bit stronger. People would need to be more cool and patient to be able to learn the art of Self-motivation. It will require effort to start with but people will soon realize that it is worth the efforts and they will get a huge benefit out of it.
    Everybody would welcome the concept except few people who have made motivation as a business. These people will surely not like my work. You know nowadays how people earn and make business in the name of motivation. Here and there you will see coaching institutes and classes which give you sessions on motivation where they give you tips, suggest remedies etc regarding motivation. So some people go there and pay money to get motivated. How silly is this? I am happy that if people understand this at least they will not get cheated by such people and waste their money.

    Entry for Dual role interview contest
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    A wonderful interview where the importance of self-motivation has been explained in details. It's true that nowadays, there are lots of motivators available. From the classroom of a school to the renowned colleges, sessions on motivation do take place. Depression is on the rise and people start to become disappointed at a very early age. They become confused and in the absence of a proper guide many people remain depressed for a long time.

    In the interview, RR has rightly pointed out the necessity of self-motivation by giving the example of how we manage the situation when the housemaid remains absent for a day. It's very true when he said that external resources are hard to find. It shows us how we have to help ourselves when nobody is around there. I hope the book would be great to read as it dealt with a topic less discussed.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Once you conceive yourself that you can do it nobody can stop you from doing that and there are no chances for failure. Everybody knows what is there in them. So self-motivation is the best way to get motivated. One will know what are his strong points and what are the weak points. So he can try to make his weak points to strong points working hard on those issues and getting motivated. This has been brought out very nicely by the author in the interview.
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