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    Don't these delivery boys deserve far better packages with good insurance?

    The world is changing, even in the smaller towns of India. People are somewhat lazy to cook. The food comes from online sources like Foodpanda, swiggy and so on. It is the delivery boys who get the major chunk of the job done.

    What unfortunately happens is that these poor delivery boys are really exploited, The zip around in their motorcycles and mopeds. One is told that they get paid somewhere between Rs.6000 to Rs.9000 in total. One is not very sure if they have any PF. And insurance is another grey area.

    There is every likelihood of these boys meeting with some minor or even major accidents. Even graduates or postgraduates seem to be taking up such jobs, only for the sake of survival, till they possibly land in better jobs.

    The State Governments ought to intervene and ensure that there is some legislation that protects their interests, in case of major accidents. In other words, apart from treatment in Government hospitals, there should also be adequate provisions to take care of their medical expenses in good Corporate private hospitals.

    There have some youtube reports about their pathetic working conditions in cities like Coimbatore, or Chennai or even Hyderabad.

    The need for something better is really what these poor guys want.
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    I agree with the author. Not only these delivery boys but also other courier boys and people on move should have a special insurance package to take care of their risks involved. There are minimum wages acts from state governments and central government also. Under which category these boys should be considered is to be decided by the government and they should be provided with PF and ESI facilities. These days a driver gets minimum rs.15,000/- per month. These people's job is no way less than a driver's job. So their salary should be fixed at a reasonable level and other facilities should also be extended to them. These days many people are working in these areas to manage their lives. They can form an association and try to bargain collectively for a reasonable pay and other perks.
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    We need to understand the facts with the ground realities. There are many temporary jobs for which any of the companies wouldn't want to take the burden of but this is happening in the big corporate houses as well as in the small set-ups too. Possibly the author is comparing the situations from few of the developed nations like the USA to that of the situations prevailing in our country but then this seems inappropriate. This is important to note that our economy or the business sector is not well organized to get suited with such HR policies at PAN India level.

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    I agree with the author. As these delivery boys have to drive most of the time so they should have an insurance so that they may get benefitted if an accident occurs and if there is a loss of any part and the person is not capable of working after the accident.

    Like other companies provide ESI & PF facility to their employees they should also be given the same so that if they lose their life then their dependents may get benefitted by the insurance.

    Yes, it's pathetic as they devote most of their time driving on the roads so the chances of their accident are more. They risk their lives and they should get some financial gain for the risk they take.


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    The lifestyle is changing very fast. People are adopting new measures in their routine life. Online food is becoming a reality of our daily food habits. The delivery boys are always in a hurry to complete as many orders as possible in a day. Unfortunately, there are some bottlenecks in this system as it is entirely in an unorganised sector and the volume of work is not fixed or certain. The orders pile up at a particular time in the day like lunch time or dinner and it becomes difficult for the supplier restaurant or the point to cater to such increased demand at particular hours. The delivery boys also have to make a lot of effort in a limited time to take the advantage. They generally get a commission on the orders and in big places they are able to earn 10-15 thousand rupees per month.

    Due to unemployment, many young people are joining the wagon of delivery boys and in dull timings they just leisurely hang around the eating joints. So only a few hours in the day they are able to contribute productively.

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