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    Why can't we have the Udaipur way of life, everywhere?

    One is told that in Udaipur. several years ago, there was a big exercise to conserve water in some lakes and ponds. The Government and the private agencies got together to save every drop of rainwater. One is also told that there is some sort of rainwater harvesting going on in this beautiful town. Though I had been there for just a day, I could not see much, as it was night time when I was free. This happened years ago.

    The locals proudly talked about their water conservation efforts. In several parts of India, the monsoon is horrible this year. The amount of rainfall is far less when compared to the normal.

    There is bound to be a horrible summer in April and May 2019, and we better get prepared for this summer. The key question is: should we not have models such as Udaipur copied everywhere?

    Should we not do a lot more than what has already been done?
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    Rain harvesting is very important and necessary also these days. In Hyderabad and other cities in AP, it is mandatory to have rain harvesting pits in multistoried buildings and apartments. I feel the people should understand the importance of saving water. Otherwise, in the coming days, mankind has to face many problems for water.
    The author has not given any clear clue about the Udaipur way of life. If it is mentioned we can understand the method and we can also try to adopt the same.
    This year in Hyderabad also rains are very less and we may also have to face severe water shortage coming summer. The public should understand the problem and start saving the water. Wasting water is a real crime. Already we all started purchasing drinking water. We may have to purchase normal water also for other uses in the coming days. A drop of water saved today will be very much useful for tomorrow.

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    Sir, I have not read any recent article. My interaction with the locals happened long ago. I do not know what is going on now.

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    Using natural sources to use is good, rain harvesting is one of the methods to conserve rainwater for further use when there is a scarcity of water. As rainwater is free from chemical so it can be used for the irrigation purpose. Also from this system, we can obtain water for domestic use as well as for drinking when the water level goes down and water is not available in abundance.

    There are two types of rain harvesting system: surface runoff and rooftop system. Rooftop system is the traditional way of harvesting rainwater. In this method, water flows from the roof and is collected in the storage tank or diverted to an artificial recharge system. This is an inexpensive method so is widely used in most of the places.

    It's good to know that people in Udaipur city are using it. It should be used everywhere where the water level is very low. It will be of great benefit as it can be used when there is no water. We should educate people about it and help people to make a system of it.


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