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    Will Mr. Naidu be able to unite the opposition?

    Among several of his creditable achievements, Mr. Chandrabaabu Naidu, one is told, has totally computerized the distribution of sand used in construction activities. In our fantastic State called Tamil.Nadu, the illegal mining and looting that is going on by several political parties, is the main source of generation of black money.

    Every single person knows this. So, Mr Naidu, who is by far one of the most active faces of the Opposition parties needs all support to checkmate the BJP.

    Can Mr. Naidu create a miracle? What is his record? What a he do and cannot do in this regard?
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    I think Naidu is having a good association with almost all party leaders and he is one of the senior most politicians in India. He worked with Atal Bihari Vajpayee and PV Narasimha Rao like seniors. He is having all the qualities required to be a big brother now in Indian politics. He was having good relation with the present Vice President of India, Mr Venkiah Naidu. That is why he continued to support BJP. But the moment Venkiah was sidelined from the active part in BJP and made VP, Babu has gone against BJP. If Venkiah Naidu is active now in BJP, things might have gone the other way.
    TDP is against Congress from the day one of its existence. But now Naidu made it the other way. So many people are criticizing him. When he was in power earlier he was the convenor for the third front and he played an important role in making Deva Gowda as the PM of India. As such I have no doubt about the capability of Naidu. But what about the ethics and basics.

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    Mr. Naidu is a mature politician and played an active role when the third front was in power. He is credited for different development programs in AP and is keen on applying the latest technologies in every development. There is no ethics in Indian politics and every political party, be it regional or national, engage in activities for their own benefit on any moment.

    Mr. Naidu was there in the previous NDA fold and left it later. Again this time we have seen his party actively present in the government but recently he left. He has become opponent of the BJP and planning to unite all others in the opposition to tackle the BJP in the coming general elections. A meeting will be held within the next few days, possibly after the declaration of the results of the ongoing assembly elections in 5 states, where all the parties opposing the BJP are expected to participate.

    A lot will depend on the outcome of that meeting, though nothing can be said positively as long as something concrete is not done. I hope he will play an important role to bring all the opposing parties together, but we need to wait for that meeting to get some hint.


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