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    Kill the ill feelings. You will be happy.

    As a human being, we always try to study other's behaviours and we will try to criticize them. Many of us will always have an ill feeling about others and their growth. We always feel we are good and other's growth is due to many other factors than their skills and abilities. This will cause a lot of disturbance to us and we will not be happy. So it is always better not to think about others and we should live happily.

    We are all living in the society. Here there are different types of people. We have to go along with all such people. We can't go on quarrelling with the people whose ideology is different from ours. But we have to bear with them and pull on. Otherwise, we will be always having a disturbed mind.

    It is always better to mind our work. I like to know the opinion of other learned members on this aspect.
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    It's absolutely necessary to concentrate on our own work. There are people who like to attribute the success of others on different factors rather than recognizing their abilities. They try to demean their success by saying something unnecessary. I think there is a jealousy attached to these types of behaviour and if we give it a thought, it will be found that we are unnecessarily inviting troubles for our mind. We can easily stay happy and content with what we have without interfering into others' activities.

    While positive criticism is always good and can help the other person if she/he takes the criticism in a serious way, unnecessary criticizing on every aspect is always disturbing that will create a lot of mental agony to the person engaged in criticizing others. When we cannot help others' when they actually need it, there is no point in disturbing them by making opinions on their every achievement.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    A good thought from the author brought out in this thread very nicely. Ill feelings are the source of many mental and psychological problems in the human beings. It does not harm the person about whom these feelings are contained or vented but it adversely affects the person who possess it.

    Some people are very much afflicted with ill feelings and they will have annoyance and bitterness in their behaviour. They will slowly lose their mental peace and will be a victim of their own thinking.

    There are many people who have won over these negative and damaging feelings about others and their mental life is composed, comfortable and cheerful.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It's not good to compare yourself with others. There will always be the difference between the two.

    It happens people get jealous of someone's growth and try to analyse his growth negatively. Such people always see negative things in people and get so much blind in finding loopholes in others that they don't see even a single good quality in that person.

    Such people always remain dissatisfied in life and can't grow as they devote most of the time in criticism.

    I usually keep a distance from such people as they try to make you as well as them.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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