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    Why gossip is always dangerous

    Gossip is a very unhealthy and unwanted social behaviour found in so many places. It is there in organizations. It is there in gated communities. It is there in schools and colleges and so on.

    If we ourselves indulge in gossip in some form or the other, we will have no moral right to stop it or even advise people against it. Gossip has a natural tendency to spread very fast. Many individuals add some masala or the other and give it a big toss. Some hit sixers, paying with human lives.

    Gossip is even more horrible if it concerns the extra marital behaviour of someone known to us. The best method is to advise the concerned person in private. And counseling of such people is always found to be useful.

    Going into spiritual activities and giving zero importance to any gossip is the best way of staying away from such gossip.

    Members may share their ideas please.
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    This is a major problem in our society. When two people meet together, definitely they will talk about the third person who is not there. If somebody says I have seen the tiger the other person will say, Yes I have also seen and I have seen its tail also. Such is the mentality of the people. It is more so in the organisation where there are male and female employees. If we see any male and female go together, immediately there will be a gossip about them.
    It is very bad to talk bad about others that too without knowing the actual information. Character assassination is more severe than actual murder. Educated people should never encourage such activities. The senior employees in the organisation should never allow their juniors to talk bad about any other colleagues and they all should not talk about these issues with his juniors.
    I agree with the author that one should not indulge in such activities and they can best use their time in either learning new skills and reading books etc.

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    Well, it depends in what kind of gossip you would like to participate. Gossips are generally informal conversation on any topics which can range from certain local administrative problems to the country's political affairs. As long as we are not discussing about any other person or their personal affairs, I do not find anything dangerous in gossip.

    It's true that many people like to discuss about the personal affairs of others and at times add colours to it. Those gossips are harmful and can spread like wildfire. For example, many fake news are started as gossips and circulated by mixing false information with them. We must avoid these type of gossips and should not give any importance to them.


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