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    The loud speakers and the big nuisance everywhere

    Loudspeakers making the biggest of noises is a horrible fact of life in most of India. There is always some temple festival or a discourse in a Church. One really does not understand the need for the loudest speakers at such places.

    This causes immense pain to infants and the elders who cannot bear the very loud noise.

    The confusion becomes more acute when there are more than two loudspeakers in the same venue. The roads become nightmarish to drive even cycles.

    The need to regulate use of loud speakers in public places and in churches is long overdue. Can public interest litigation solve this big menace?
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    They should be banned as they cause noise pollution. It becomes more difficult when one has a home nearby temple, mosque or at any other religious place. Children cant study, elders can't sleep when the loudspeakers are ON at these places. Its strange people don't complain when there is a Jagaran but complain when there is loud music at a party. It shows we are biased and allows people to do anything on the name of God.

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    Yes, they may be a sign of great technological advancements in the field of electronics but they are a great source of nuisance. The different communities are using them in religious places not to please God but to show off the superiority of their religion over the others.

    These people are so adamant that even if the administration wants to stop it they will oppose it with their full might and bring in the political interference also to pressurise the authorities.

    It is a curse on the educated society and it is hanging on our head like a democleus sword.

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    Almost from the last one month, it is the biggest problem in Hyderabad. Not because of temples. not because of churches and not because of mosques. But because of elections and propaganda of various politicians for votes. Throughout the day and almost up to 10 PM, the election vehicle with loudspeakers playing songs made in favour of their party. Not able to tolerate. But can't do anything. Simply absorbing and adjusting.
    In our native place, around our house, there are two churches and two temples. These places of worship will be always playing loudspeakers with devotional songs of their religions. All these sounds get mixed and we will lose our hearing capacity. But we can't do anything. We have to get accustomed. The government may ban these but who will follow.
    Smoking in public places is banned. But who is following? What are the actions on non-followers?

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