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    "An example is better than precept". It's very true.

    How true this is?

    I think this is the truth. People advise but when they are asked to follow what they advised they succumb. It enlightens us for a few days but then we forget it.

    Consider a drunkard asking a person not to drink and telling him about the disadvantages of the same. Do you think that person ever will think of leaving it? I don't think so rather he will one day ask that person only why don't he leave it.

    Whereas when an honest person says honesty is the best policy we get convinced by thinking that this person had been honest throughout his life and that's the reason he is successful. Similarly, when a kind-hearted person asks someone to help the needy we get convinced by him because he is already doing it with the people.

    Therefore its easy to convince people through our actions rather than our speeches. That's why its said action speaks louder.
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    Yes, that's correct. We must lead a life that becomes example for the others. Our advise will be followed by others only if our actions match with what we say. One of my cousins asked his father that when he himself his smoking knowing fully well that smoking is harmful then why he is advising his son not to smoke ?

    Obviously, these questions cannot be logically answered and we cannot expect somebody to follow us when we ourselves are not following what we preach. It's happening all around us and the author has rightly pointed it out in this thread. I remember a story that I read in my childhood which was related to disciplining a young man.

    A man along with his son went to the courtroom of a king and told him that his son consumes too much sugar on a regular basis. The price of sugar is very high and if the son consumes so much of it, it would be impossible for him to manage the family. The king patiently heard the man and asked him to come next week. In the next week the man repeated the same thing and the king again told him to come in the next week. Finally on that week the king called the son and have a gentle word with him and told why consumption of more sugar is not good for health and how tough it is for his father to manage things when the cost is going upwards. The son listened carefully and went away.

    After this, the man asked the king about this delay of two weeks and since the king only provided some advice he could have given it on the very first day. The king said, he also used to consume sugar in large quantities and took those two weeks to control his consumption. So, the moral of this story is easily understood and must be followed by everyone before advising others.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    A good thread emphasizing the importance of actions over simply talking about it.

    Actions are what ultimately matter in the life of an individual in particular and for the society in general.

    In Bhagwat Gita, the holy scripture, Lord Krishna says to Arjun that we have discussed the things in details and I have tried to make you understand the value of actions also and now it is time to act and attack your enemies with your full might.

    So it is only when the action starts that we can hope for results. Actions are the wheels on which our ideas roll in the desired direction. Without actions we are like a dead wood which otherwise is known for its strength and decor but now lying infested by the white ants.

    Knowledge is power.

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    What you practice only is to be preached. But our political leaders will say, do what I say but don't do what I do.
    Once a lady took his son to Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. She told the saint that her son is eating jaggery and wanted him to advise her son not to eat too much jaggery. The Guru asked her to bring her son after 7 days. The lady went back and came after 7 days with her son. Then the saint advised the boy not to consume jaggery as it is not good for health. The boy accepted the same. Then the lady asked the saint about the reason for postponing the teaching to her son. Then Paramahamsa told her that he is also fond of eating jaggery. So he thought he is not eligible to advise the boy not to eat jaggery. So he stopped eating for the last one week and he advised the boy.
    This should be the attitude of human beings.
    If we follow certain things and then ask others to follow, we will set an example to others and others should get convinced easily.

    always confident

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    Yes, it is quite true. It is very much true in business organizations too. For example, one of the biggest business leaders of our times, Shri Narayamurthy, who built Infosys Technologies into a huge Indian multinational, had a big Vision. He did what was essentially called Leadership by example. He would advise everyone to work hard, but he did that himself.

    Unlike other CEOs, he would himself be first to enter the office but last to leave as well. Mr. A.M. Naik of L&T was another CEO in the same mold. He would work so hard, seven days a week. His passion for work was indeed infectious.

    Among political leaders, we had the great Kamaraj, Though he could have easily become Prime Minister, he virtually had to choose two Prime Ministers -- Lal Bahadur Shastri and then later on Indira Gandhi. He was such an honest leader who was never after wealth. What he did in terms of the mid-day meals scheme was praised by the World Bank, and it has been adopted in the several States of India. He laid the foundation for one of the most developed States of India, called Tamil Nadu.

    Gandhi and Nehru were other pillars too. Only such role models are those who are always cast in the mold that you are talking about. Today, the picture is a big headache, with even the Prime Minister, nowhere near being a leader who can be emulated, thanks to his silence on so many controversial matters.

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