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    We need some spice in life. By doing the same thing everyday, we get bored. That's why we like to have a break. Those who are in service, get a weekly off. Few are there who follow the five days a week routine. While holidaying and going on a vacation is always refreshing, at times we do not get a long break to enjoy the vacation. To get out of boredom we can make our lives little interesting by practicing new things. Though many people nowadays are habituated to spend some time on different social media platforms, at times that also become monotonous.

    To make things a little different, just try to do something at home that you usually avoid. Make a list of things that is happening at your home everyday and see in which of them you do not participate. Give it a try and see how you feel. For example, you keep the newspaper at home, but do not read it. Take the paper and start reading and see how you feel. Suppose you do not know how to cook or less interested to make a dish. Give it a try and enjoy it along with your family members. If it doesn't taste nice, you'll not lose your job. So, no need to worry about that. If you do not like to go to the grocer shop or vegetables market, give it a try once in a blue moon. It will make a difference. Now members, how many of you are going to try those new things?
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    A nice thread motivating us to take up some new thing to get the desired change in our attention. It is very true that involvement in new things makes a person more creative. It is also a source to kill boredom and bringing amusement in the life. Additionally, it brings applause from the family members as they feel as if you are helping them.

    When I was in my school days we were living in a small rented house and because my father was having a small job we could not afford many things and were somehow managing the household with great difficulty. We were not lucky enough to get the children books and magazines to read at our will. It was only due to a Govt library in our area that myself and my brother could get some of them issued to be returned after 2 days.

    During our holidays, we had many things to do in the house but there was no money with us to go to the market and spend for eatables or fun or entertainment.

    There was one shop near our house which was dealing in old newspaper, magazines and books of all kinds and we wanted to buy a few of the children books but even the second hand cost was beyond our means.

    The shopkeeper told us that if we do not have money then earn it by making simple carry bags with newspaper and magzine which he will buy from us. Initially we were not sure what to do but when our mother told us that we could use our long school holidays in that and she will make the paste with flour and give to us then we became very much excited to do it and then we earned a good amount from that and enjoyed some of the indulgences in the market which otherwise we could not dream of.

    That small thing changed the whole concept for us in looking towards the petty jobs in our life and even today I enjoy to do them, though not for monetary purposes now.

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    Good suggestion by the author. When life becomes boring and monotonous we need something new in life and we can try something new from our home itself.

    I had a passion for teaching since childhood but I could not become a teacher. And now whenever I feel bored at home I teach my kids which give me a pleasure and satisfaction.

    Yes it's a good feeling when we do something which we haven't tried in our life


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    It is a good practice to do something different when we are feeling monotonous and bored. When we tired of doing the same thing, again and again, we will get sick. To rejuvenate and to feel happy, we should think of doing something which gives is a pleasure. Whenever I feel a little dull, just I will go to the backyard of our house and spend some time seeing the kitchen garden of my wife. If necessary I will water the plants.
    These days I have started playing with my granddaughter whenever I get some time and get bored. When I start spending time with her, I never know how much time I have spent with her. The time will pass very fast when I was with my granddaughter.
    I will try to read some mythological Telugu books still if I have some time to spend and in the times when I feel unhappy and bored.

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    Trying something new or we haven't tried before would be interesting if we start doing it in our leisure time because that would release our tension and will give us some freshness.
    In today's life everyone is busy with workload and don't get time for his or herself for enjoyment, so by doing these little things one can get relaxation from such Burdon.
    So, it would be better to get time to do these super relaxing things.
    Personally I like teaching very much especially English subject and speaking skills hence I start learning functional grammar chapters, Surf videos on internet to make me more knowledgeable with English language, so that I can be future teacher and want to be effective in teaching.
    Other things I like doing are like cooking, scrapbooking, making handmade things,reading story books.

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    True. The way to escape boredom is being curious. I am hardly ever bored because I am very curious. So what I like drawing. But my messy hands can't draw very well in real. So I searched for online drawing apps and found a perfect one. I guess I will squander today in drawing.
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    Routine works will definitely be done by everybody. However, there will be spare time for almost everybody. It is this spare time which we can make use of something different. It is this doing which must rejuvenate us. If one is doing office related works, just change over to something like reading a weekly or hearing a music or some other thing which has no relation with office related issues. If one is interested in drawing, change over to that. I used to sketch something when I don't have much to do. Sudoku is an attraction for me. Above all I make use of my free time to scribble down the happenings of childhood days.
    Like this there are several options. If possible do something different which is useful otherwise. Vegetable cultivation and waste management are something which everyone can try. It will be a good alternative.


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