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    Old regretful memories of past mistakes – A Tear-Jerker

    Life is a journey which continuously moves forward and has no reverse gear. Very rightly said in an old Hindi movie song "Zindagi Ke Safar me Gujar jate Hein jo mukam who Phir Nahi ate". Movies have flashback but life doesn't.

    Sometimes at different stages of life, we commit mistakes either knowingly or unknowingly or make some wrong decisions. These mistakes tend to have a longlasting negative impact on our lives. Depending on the type of mistakes, our relations and professional, social or financial well-being in our current life can be impacted.

    There are moments when we feel angry, frustrated and demotivated with our current situation in life due to our past mistakes. These are the times when sometimes we sit in a dark room and start going back to painful old memories of life and start remembering the old mistakes committed by us in life. We then start cursing ourselves for it and think "If I had not made that mistake or taken that decision then, I would have been in a better position at present".

    These are the times when such old regretful memories turn out to be a Tear-Jerker for us.

    Here are some examples.

    A person who is struggling in his career thinks that if he had studied properly during graduation and got good marks or worked hard in his earlier companies he would have been successful in his career.

    A person with relation problem with the spouse tends to repent that had he or she handled the situation in a better way right after the marriage, things would have been different.

    Sometimes a person thinks, "If I hadn't made the wrong decision to choose this career I would n't have been in difficulty now".

    So it is a fact that old regretful memories of our past mistakes sometimes turns out to be a Tear-Jerker.

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    It's true. Sometimes we regret our actions at some later stage and shed tears. It gives us lot of pains to remember those actions, but life is like that. While we cannot turn back and fix things, we can always learn from our past regretful actions and correct it in future.

    Though at times we may sit in a dark room and think of those moments, it actually can increase our pain. Whatever has happened cannot be changed, we need to move forward. We need to be aware of things happening all around us and act accordingly.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Yes. We can't go back to our lives and correct the mistakes we have committed. Like in reel life we can't have flashbacks in our real lives. So only what we can do is understand our mistakes and try not to repeat the same mistake again and again.
    Even though we know that we can't correct the already happened issues, we can't stop thinking about the old incidents and repent for the same. We can't stop these thoughts. This is the nature of the people.
    A wise man will learn from his mistakes and try to improve himself in his life.

    always confident

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