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    Sweetest memory of Kolkata visit is a tear-jerker

    Every one of us has got memories in our lives. Among them, some are sweet, and some are sour. It is not that the tear-jerkers evolve only from painful incidents rather a sweet experience can be a tear-jerker too.

    My paternal family stays in Kolkata while I reside in Delhi. Due to various hassles, my husband and I along with our son cannot visit Kolkata together. Sometimes it's too long a gap between my two trips which makes me and my siblings quite restless. It was during the summer vacation of 2016 when my husband deliberately sent our son and me to Kolkata. My eldest brother-in-law was not keeping well which puzzled my husband. He wanted me to visit them so that we all can meet each other before any untoward incident takes place. We met after one and a half year; it was so satisfying to be with them.

    As my brother-in-law was not well so all of my siblings, sister-in-law, niece and nephews met every day at my eldest sister's home and we all had a gala time. Every afternoon it was just unlimited fun. Fifteen days passed by in a jiffy and it was time to pack our bags and leave for Delhi. My son and I came back to Delhi and resumed our daily routine with extra vigour.

    While leaving for Delhi, I did not know that I would again have to visit Kolkata after six months to pay my last respect to my youngest older brother. Dengue took him away from all of us. An unexpected tragedy hit us hard and too early in our lives. He was my immediate older brother with whom having a meaningless chat was also fun.

    Whenever I look back, I wholeheartedly thank my husband for forcefully sending me to Kolkata. Those fifteen days were the sweetest days of my life which gave me an opportunity to accumulate more memories to linger upon throughout my life. Today I would have repented if I had sternly refused to visit Kolkata then. Oh, God! The thought in itself is so terrifying and tear-jerker.

    This is my entry to the TOW contest
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    Sometimes such decisions to visit our near and dear are really solacing to us in later times when some eventuality happens. The post has brought out this fact very nicely that we should complete our engagements in time so that we do not repent at a later stage.
    Knowledge is power.

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    It's really painful to know that you lost your elder brother. It's a tragedy and those moments always give us pain later. At times, few incidents cannot be forgotten and few associated things keep us reminding them. A real-life incident is presented in a fantastic way in this post. A good entry!

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    It is very sad to know that you have lost your youngest older brother. It is very good of your husband sending you to Calcutta which has given memories with the deceased brother. Really you should thank your husband.
    I couldn't see my mother's father for six months before he died. Today I feel bad that I couldn't spend some time with him during his last days. But there is no chance now. Whenever this thought comes to my mind I start worrying and I will get tears in my eyes. He was the person who guided me and helped me in tuning my life the way I wanted.
    A good entry by the author and the narration is also good.

    always confident

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    This is a really sad incident and also very sad that you had to bear with the loss of someone who is so dear to you. I do not really know where you live now. However, be advised that if someone is visiting Chennai, please do ask them to bring them two packets of what is called "Nilavembu' which is actually a Siddha medicine. Only one teaspoon of this has to be mixed with really hot water ( boiled for twenty minutes), then cooled. This can be mixed with a little jaggery as it is a very sour medicine.

    This is a proven medicine, given in all Government hospitals of Tamil Nadu. Its effectiveness has been tested and results thereof have appeared in foreign medical journals as well. This also needs to be taken in addition to the other allopathy treatment.

    Please do note that the dengue scare is very real. It is a horrible thing and seems to be spreading everywhere in India. Kindly take care. Of course, death is always painful. But when we move on, we need to be doubly careful that each one of us is as healthy as possible. Please do note that all adults can consume the above medicine. For infants, it should be avoided. For any child over the age of five, it can be given in very small doses, that is, one-fourth of a teaspoon only. Kindly chase away all mosquitoes by burning dry neem leaves with some castor oil, twice. That is, once in the morning and another in the night.

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    It is sad to know that you lost your brother. Sometimes good things happen by itself. It was good that your husband sent you to Kolkata and you had a good time with your brother which have been in your memories now when he is not there in this world.
    It's sad to know that he died of dengue which is not a disease which can take life.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    Respected Members, Thank you very much to all of you who took out time to read the post. Though an unforgettable loss, your consolation is a solace.
    #Sanjeev Gupta It was first dengue, and suddenly he suffered from multiple organ failure. Everything happened within no time, and the whole family felt helpless.
    #ABSivakumar Thank you very much for your suggestion. I stay in Delhi, but if anyone visits Chennai, then, I will surely try to get the medicine.


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    The fruit Kiwi can increase blood platelets, thereby reducing the Dengue fever.

    Really, Kiwi is a magic fruit. Please have it.

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    #Neeraj Thank you very much for your valuable suggestion. I will definitely keep it in mind.

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