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    How often you admit your mistakes?

    How often you admit your mistakes? This question doesn't mean that you commit mistakes and admit it honestly. Accepting a mistake needs courage and sincerity. It's an opportunity to explain your stand and the circumstances which prompted to do that and ensures the other end that you are going to take care not to repeat it again. Thus it reflexes a sign of maturity in you. If someone never repents for his mistakes and never displays his attitude reflecting the feeling that he should not have done it, then sure he is not yet matured enough to accept his mistakes.

    Admitting a mistake is not surrendering to others. It shows your positive composure and effort to get along with others. What is your take on this view point?
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    Doing a mistake is easy. But admitting the same is very difficult. Many people always try to defend their actions and somehow try to say that it was somebody else's mistake. A few people will only accept their mistakes and will try to correct themselves.
    I have seen this nature more in top bosses. They commit mistakes and try to throw the blame on somebody else. Otherwise, they will say that they have some different ideas and that is why they have done it. But they never accept their mistake. Sometimes this attitude of seniors will hurt the feelings of juniors.
    One should accept the mistakes they have committed and they should own the responsibility. They should try to correct themselves and see that there will not be any damage to others due to their mistakes. Then only we can say we are true gentlemen. Doing mistakes and not owning them is not at all a good attitude in my opinion.

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    It's very obvious we commit mistakes but it's very tough for us to accept our mistakes. This may be because of the fear of many things like a child fears he may get scolded by the parents, an employee fears he may get fired if the mistake is a blunder.

    I am sort of a person who does not lie, if I have done a mistake I accept it, as that way I get opinions from others to work better next time. I know sometimes we get humiliated for our mistakes but that's fine as we should learn to accept it.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    Most of the people do not admit their mistakes due to their inherent ego and fear of becoming a laughing stock. They are ready to even bear losses also on this account but will not accept that they did a wrong thing or committed mistakes.

    Sometimes accepting your faults and apologising for them helps to a great degree to remove the misunderstanding as well as resolving the conflict. Prudent and wise people often follow this path of problem solving when they come to know that a mistake has been happened.

    I feel that in an opportune and amicable time one should, without shying, admit one's mistake if it is helping to bring the things back to the normalcy.

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    If I look back, I don't remember an occasion when I made a mistake and accepted it as a mistake. Only cases coming to my mind are the wrong statements or factual errors in my statements, which I corrected immediately if pointed out. If nobody pointed out, I used to correct a mistake if I recognised the same later. I do not find anything wrong in accepting a mistake. It only add to our personality and status.
    However, I never


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