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    Adversity is the touchstone of friendship.

    It is well said that when you are prosperous you have lots of friends whereas when you are in adversity many of them disappear. It is therefore said that adversity is a touchstone to judge friendship.

    Adversity may be felt bitter but it's when we judge people in our life. When we have lots of money we have lots of friends but they tend to move out of our life when we are in adversity.

    Not only it helps to judge people it also helps to make us confident and make us a better person as it brings out the best we have in ourself. It teaches as humanity as the person going through the tough time knows how to help and when to help people going through a difficult time.

    The best part is we come to know about our real friends. How many of you agree with it? Have you ever tried to judge people in your tough time? Have you ever left people when they suffer from adversity?
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    A need for a friend will come in times of adversity only. If they are not helping those times, they are not friends. That is why people say a friend in need is a friend indeed. But as the selfishness in the people is increasing day by day the meaning of friendship is changing. If I make friends with another person, what will be the use for us? This is the way people are thinking now. You will have more friends when you are in power or when you have a lot of wealth with you. You will see more frogs when there is a lot of water in the well. Once the well gets dried the frogs will disappear.
    The people are also behaving the same way these days. If they expect something from you, they will make friends with you. Once their work is done they will not come to you and if you go to him also he may not be ready to talk to you. True friends are very rare. So one should be very selective in choosing friends and try to be true friends with the selected few.

    always confident

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    A friend in need is a friend in deed. The author has nicely brought out this thread in that perspective.

    When we are in an affluent zone, many people will try to have relations and friendship with us in a hope to share our facilities or generosity but the same people will turn their back on us as soon as we become bankrupt and lose our riches.

    So it is said that one should choose his friends after a lot of pondering and deliberations rather in a frenzy. No friend situation is better than the cheat and selfish friends.

    Knowledge is power.

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