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    Be proactive always.

    If we are proactive, we make things to happen. We will not wait for things to happen. "Doing something before" is proactive. Proactive people are ready before something happens.
    Proactive people will be more relaxed and prepared. They will be always positive as they take precautionary actions for potential situations. They can make the things to happen in the way they wanted.
    Being proactive will be always better. Proactive people will always anticipate problems in advance. study various solutions and apply the best one. Proactive people will analyse the failure, understand the reason and get educated from the failures.
    I feel one should be proactive for the various situations in this competitive world. Then only we will be on the way to our success.
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    A nice thread by the author. I agree that being proactive is the key to get things done in a timely and planned manner and those who possess this quality generally success in their life.

    People who are good planners and able to perceive the coming activities and events and plan for them well before hand are the real visionary ones and their proaction always helps them to get the early bird advantages everywhere.

    Practicing proaction makes a person imaginative and creative which gives him enough support for progressing in the desired field with a greater pace and momentum.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Nice thread started by the author.

    People who are proactive tend to be more relaxed, prepared as they take precautionary steps for the situations. They have more control over the situations because they have planned the things.


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    A very good suggestion by the author. In many cases, people react only after some incident happens. So, it is always better to be careful while performing the act. For example, we hear news of mishaps in factories and even on roads. In many cases, it is found that proper security measures were not in place because of which the mishaps couldn't be averted.

    Before the start of any high level meeting involving different ministers, security personnel proactively monitors the situation and make the security arrangements accordingly. Not only security, it is applicable in our daily life too. While planning any new task, we have to think of all the consequences and need to put in place some measures to tackle any negative situation. By doing this, the unnecessary anxiety will automatically stop and we can concentrate more on the task. Therefore, it's always important to be proactive to successfully complete a job.


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