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    Do you think everyone is following " Swach Bharat Abhiyan" mission?

    I don't think all of us are following the mission. If we had been following it then there were not piling up of garbage on the roadside especially on the service lanes. People whenever see a garbage on the road make that place a garbage dump yard.

    But it's for sure it has made an impact on the mind of people. It has at least made people aware of the importance of cleanliness in our life. Some of the visible impacts due to this mission are:

    ~ More number of toilets are found on the roads unlike in the past when there were few toilets and people used to urinate on the side and hidden corners of the roads in open.

    ~ Defecation in open and on the railway lines is reduced.

    We all know both of the above spread diseases but still many of the people do it.we still have to provide good infrastructure and make people more aware that what they are doing is harmful to them as well as for others too.

    How about you? Do you stop people who throw garbage on the public places? Or you don't care about what others are doing on the public places.
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    No mission or campaign can change the ways of people overnight. It requires a sustained effort to bring the paradigm shift in our social etiquette and awareness towards cleanliness.

    Many Govt come and go but it is difficult to change the present culture until unless people their selves start to contribute to their environment. Doing something under the force will only remain till the force is there and will disappear as soon as the force is removed. Doing something with own will for the welfare of the whole society is the need of the hour.

    The present regime of Govt seems to be inching forward on these issues of cleanliness and orderliness in our country but the pace is very slow and if it is not sustained then there is a danger of dissipation of already achieved targets.

    In a populated country these things are more difficult to manage as the requisite manpower for maintaining and up keeping the things are always in shortage.

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    What I feel is there is a lot of awareness among the people about cleanliness and people are trying to maintain good surroundings.
    Even in villages also these days people urinating in the open area has reduced. Many public toilets are seen on the roads. When we travel long distances also buses are being stopped at places where good toilets are available.
    Some of the cities are very clean and neat. People are keeping the roads clean and not throwing waste on the roads. Waste bins are being used regularly. Waste collectors are regularly visiting the houses and collecting the waste.
    But still, a lot of improvement is required. In some areas waste is getting accumulated. People are throwing the waste on already accumulated waste and that entire area is becoming untidy. Those areas require immediate attention and some action is to be taken for cleaning the area. Another observation is important areas in the city are being kept neat and slum areas are being neglected.

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    Though not everyone is following, but many people are aware nowadays. They do not throw garbage here and there, but dispose it of to the destined garbage vat. More needs to be done throughout the country to keep the mission going and after sometime people will become habituated to dispose of the garbage in a correct manner.

    It's true that whenever people see garbage is piled up in a particular place, they try to make it a dump yard and there must be some punitive measures to stop this. While the local municipalities/rural bodies have a major rule to play to arrange for the disposal of garbage, people also must cooperate with the authorities by disposing of the garbage at the destined place.

    There are instances where the garbage in the vats which are supposed to be emptied by the municipalities, pile up and create problems among the people in that locality. These issues have to be looked into and with cooperation from all of us the cleanliness drive will become successful.


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