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    Do not mix craziness with aspirations. Both are different

    We all have aspirations. It helps us to remain active. It may change after the fulfillment of a particular goal and then we hope for some other things. For many people aspiration is a life-long process. It may be compared to promotions in higher standards during our school life, but not exactly same. While promotion to new class/standard is a process of the education system where we get promoted after completing the studies of a particular standard, aspirations are our burning desires to achieve something.

    Aspiration is completely different from craze. Craze for anything is short-lived. For example, think of the craze a child has when he gets a new toy. He becomes crazy to always play with it. After sometime, this craze dies down. We also become crazy, at times, when we get an absolutely new gadget, but after operating it for sometime we become used to it. We hear and see many people running after money. Many people are there who can go to any level to earn money. They never hesitate to adopt to corrupt practices. We call them crazy. They are crazy to get the things they like the most and do not have aspirations. Can we call these crazy people successful?
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    Craziness is a state of mind just craving out for something which may even not possible also. It is used in a negative sense. It is a hypothetical thing which ends itself soon.

    On the other hand aspirations are to be achieved by hard work and determination. They are based on certain logic and presumptions that if we do like this we will achieve that.

    Realizing our aspirations in their right spirit and achieving them in the desired form is the main challenge for the ambitious people. Some of the people become crazy in this pursuit and soon lose the trail.

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    Being crazy is definitely different from aspiration. Aspirations will make us energetic and we will try to see that our aspirations are fulfilled. Once we get our aspiration fulfilled we may aim at another aspiration. These are all for our progress or betterment in our life. But craziness is nothing to do with your prosperity or attaining something in life. Asking too much of the same thing, doing the same thing, again and again, can be called as craziness. When people are crazy they may not think of the pros and cons of their behaviour and they repent for their craziness after they suffer. I know a person who is very crazy to drive the bike without holding the handlebar. He used to that many times and he started driving fast. He met with an accident. Then he understood his mistake and started driving properly.
    The word Crazy brings in some negativity whereas aspiration is always a positive trait for a human being.

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    Aspiration in life is the desire for something to achieve in life. These can be short or long lived. These aspirations change throughout life whereas the craze for something is enthusiasm to achieve an object or an activity. It is short lived. People often mix them but there is a lot of differences between them.

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