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    A small step towards self reliance in vegetables.

    About 80 families here, including my own, have been working as an Association and several joint issues are being taken up jointly. Of late, we have taken up a project of organic vegetable cultivation programme. Though we have 80 family unitsunits only 21 have come forward to take up this job. Since most of the houses are not having backyards, vacant terraces are being used.
    We have collected grow bags from the Govt. controlled organization for this purpose (they supply the quality bags at subsidised rate). For a family unit 12 bags are given. In a centralised manner the sand, soil, manure, etc. are bought and stored in one of the houses where the necessary space is available, and filled in those bags. The individual families collected the filled bags and taken to their houses. Later seedlings of different vegetables were collected from the same Govt. agency, and distributed the households. Necessary coachings regarding watering, manuring, etc. were also provided to the needy families.
    The seedlings supplied included those of tomato, benda, thuvara, chilli, peas, etc. which are widely used by an average family. This joint venture in a cooperative manner is a trial. The Labour involved is free and also the technical advise. Only Rs.1,100/- is collected from a family for all this. This is our Association's first step for self dependence.
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    A great effort and action by the people in your society to grow the vegetables and use the available space in the houses. I appreciate the collaborative approach by all of you and wish that the project gets a good success soon.

    I think such efforts should be done by people in other places also to reap the benefit of this method of growing vegetables in our own terrace.

    In our society some people are doing it in flower pots on individual basis but so far there is no collaborative affect. I will now taking lead from your thread talk to them in this respect.

    Please post about the progress of this in a thread as part-2 and part-3 later giving a reference of this thread so that people can really understand the concept in totality.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A nice effort for self-reliance. It is good for families and also to society. My congratulations to you for such a good work. Organic vegetables are very good for health and they are attaining good importance these days as the awareness among the people towards the importance of health maintenance is increasing.
    We are also living in a colony. But there is no chance to have collective forming here. But in our house, we have about 100 square yards open land and we use that for this gardening activity. My wife and two daughters in law are very much interested in this gardening. As mentioned by the author we have purchased some bags and seeds and the bags are kept at the top terrace. This is in addition to the plants on the ground. They have also done some good work and we started getting some yields. One banana tree has given fruits. Benda started giving. The other plants are coming up.

    always confident

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    Dear Mr. Umesh, thank you for your encouraging words. I am only happy to share the progress of this veg. cultivation project taken up by our Residents' Association. No the distribution of seedlings has been stopped. Follow up of the works done in the respective houses are being followed by experts belonging to this Association.
    I feel sorry that this thread related to veg. cultivation is overlooked by the learned members. Only two have reacted so far. May be that majority are not having time or facilities to take up such activities.


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    Very few people are engaged in this micro horticulture activities in the limited space of balconies which may be a reason for the lukewarm response to this thread. Anyway, with time it is going to pick up in many households and will be a common activity in near future. I am hopeful of that.

    I wanted to add that one of my friend is having this in his terrace and he is not throwing the dry leaves, broken branches and other waste from these plants and rather breaking up them in smaller pieces and keeping in an old empty flower pot and sprinkling a little water time to time and keeping the pot covered with a cover. He told me that in 5-6 months it was turning up as a green manure which he is again putting back in the pots. On enquiring whether it gives any foul smell in the house, he told that if you mix your kitchen waste then only foul smell will be there and manure will be ready in 2-3 months only.

    So I wanted to share this in this thread.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Thank you. When we prepared the grow bag, in the bottom a bed of dry leaves were made. Above that only the soil- dry cowdung - sand - organic manure combination was filled. Then the seedlings were placed and water sprayed. No bad smell was there.

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