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    Confuse regarding payment details

    When these points are updated in our profile?

    And also one more thing as you have mentioned in the payment details that the winners have to provide the PIN, which PIN are you talking about? For this moment I'm unable to download the invoice detail format.
    So, little confused because I'm new member.
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    For updating points please go to Dashboard page which you can see and lick from the drop-down menu at right side top on your login name after login. There in dashboard page you can click Re calculate my points. The points will get updated after you logout and login again.

    For secret PIN- it is a secret PIN you give .The same can be given in the invoices uploaded by for payments.
    For this scroll down in the left side in your 'Dashboard' page. Under 'Revenue Setings' , you can click on'Manage Payment & Revenue settings". The page opening then will have a rectangular space for creating your own secret PIN. That is the secret PIN you have to write in the invoice for payments also.
    In case by chance you forget the PIN, you can again visit the same page and see the saved PIN.

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    After login you will see your name on the top right side. Click on it and select dashboard. Here you will see an exhaustive menu and practically you can do everything here.

    As already told in the response by a member above, you have to give a 4 digit PIN number of your choice which you have to mention in your invoice also. This is a fixed number and remember it as you will have to give it in your invoices every time.

    You can go to 'My profile' and see your details, contributions so far, awards and cash payments so far etc. Everywhere you will find some useful hyperlinks and you can reach those places quickly.

    You can go to 'Scoreboard (new)' and see your contributions under different categories.

    In dashboard, you will be seeing your current alerts and contribution snippets on the right side and you can see all of them by clicking on more.

    So try to explore the dashboard and you will find a lot of information there.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Is there any payment announced to you this month. In such case, you will get a mail from ISC regarding the same. When you open that mail and click on the link and log in to ISC, it will show the details of invoice number and other details. In the same information, you will get another link in which the process of applying for payment will be elaborated. In his thread #654313, the member explained to you how to create your PIN number. You can follow and create. But for applying for cash payment your name should be there in the list with the invoice number. Please check and then do the needful.
    always confident

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    As a beginner everything seems complicated & therefore requesting to pl. spend few of your time with the below link & in case of some doubt, the other members as well as the ISC team will always be there to assist you,

    Does ISC really pay money ?

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