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    How to tell if someone is lying to you?

    I was going through an article and came across this one.

    It's human nature we all tell a lie for our benefits and forget about others. Here are a few ways how can the person be caught if he does so with you. It's all about how good you are in reading facial expressions, body language.

    As per the study the liars tend to use gestures with their hands after they speak as opposed to during or before a conversation. When we lie our mind makes lots of imaginary stories and because of that, we move our hands during conversation differently as normally we do.

    Our eyes act differently. Someone who is lying might stare or look away and don't look into a person's eyes.

    Rolling the lips back to the point where they almost disappear could be a sign someone is lying.

    We get nervous when we lie which is obvious and can trigger liars to sweat in the T-area of the face (upper lip, forehead, chin and around the mouth) or have dryness in the mouth and eyes.

    These are all the changes which liars have when they lie. We know it happens but it depends on the person how well he is in observing these changes.
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    These days we observe many people telling lies. But we can't say him on his face that he is lying with us. When a person very rarely tells a lie we can understand that he is lying. But if the person is a very frequent liar recognising that he is saying lies is a very difficult task.
    These days telling lies is acceptable to some extent. Even Lord Krishna advised Yudhistara that in some unavoidable circumstances lying is allowed. He convinced Dharmaraja and made him tell a lie to kill their teacher Dronacharya. There as he is doing it for the first time his voice has come down drastically when he uttering the last words to that untruth. The people who heard his voice felt that what he is telling is not the truth. But the required work is done.
    But Sakuni always is having the habit of telling lies. As he is a seasoned liar, Duryodhana believed him and got deceived by him and lost the war and land.
    So a seasoned liar can't be recognised easily.

    always confident

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    Its the physical attributes of the individual as well as how experienced we are in judging the same. Often in this world we are surrounded by the personalities who have got to the level of expertise that this becomes impossible to judge them about their dubious characters or actions or in case of telling lies. In that case we need to be smarter with more expertise level in comparison with the others which is again not a simpler job but yet not impossible.

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    Many people lie and some are so perfect that it is almost impossible to find out it.

    Psychologist sometimes decipher it from the depths of an individual by asking sudden unexpected questions in a row and then assimilate the answers given by the individual to unearth the truth.

    If we are doubting that a particular person is lieing then we should try to find out for his motive to do so. Is it for cheap popularity or to get some favour or to continue the friendship or to mislead the other person etc. Once the reason is more and less established we can give him the message that enough is enough and he should mend his ways otherwise we may even think of not keeping relations with him.

    Knowledge is power.

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