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    Is there any time limit to press a button in EVM for casting your vote?

    As there is a time limit or time period for every task as so as when you cast your vote.If it so when a person enter in to Electronic Voting Machine area how much time he/she can spend to press a button in that area.As the Election commission is advertising a banner Think and Vote. Is there any time limit to take or spend to press a button for casting your vote?Knowledgeable members,please respond to the question.
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    It would be like attending or using the ATM with the desired actions. Among the options available in the ATM machine you only focused on the options you intended to transact & not to experiment with those. The same would be the case with the Voting machines or EVMs too but however you left with the little choices & at the same time your transaction would be irreversible when done for one complete five years.

    Remember that this is important to opt for the right options in the list as you will be contributing yours contribution for the type of administration which will be continuing for the next five years. This will also decide the fate of your nation as well & therefore pl. do a small favor to your country this time by choosing the right government.

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    As far as I know, there is no specification for this. But we can't start thinking in the ballot room. I think one should make up his mind before entering into the booth. He should know the name and the sign of the candidate to whom he wanted to vote. Otherwise, it is not possible to complete the total voting in the given time. The voter has to cast his vote by pressing the blue button against the name of the desired candidate. As soon as the button is pressed, the LED lights up and the machine emits a long beep. This indicates that the vote has been registered in the control unit. Till that beep comes the voter has to hold the button in the pressed condition.
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