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    A new way of election campaign in Telangana this time.

    Telangana elections are coming fast. The campaigning for the elections is at its peak. All the parties are going door to door and praying for voting their candidate. Some parties are putting Bindi on the forehead of the ladies and inviting them to come and vote for their candidate. Generally, this traditional way is followed to invite people to our house for a function. This is there in practice for long.
    But this time I have seen a new way. The big man or woman who is there in the group is asking the voter to have a photo with him/ her. One of the members in the group will be taking a snap for this big person with the voters in the house with a smartphone and they are sending those photos to the individuals by WhatsApp. Probably they are doing this to encash the craze of the people to have a photograph with VIPs and other big people.
    But I don't think voters are so crazy for the photos? I like to know the views of members in this aspect.
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    Generally, elections are a hectic and crucial system for every five years. During that period, leaders give so many assurances which crosses beyond the reality. At the time of elections, no one lives in real life. Instead, they seek about fulfilling their needs as they are assured by the leaders.

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