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    Selfless creatures of green Earth

    In the periphery of the town where I live there is a golf course and behind that there are many pedestrian trails for the walkers.

    Right from that area the hills of western ghat start rising in zig-zag fashion of peaks and valleys. There are not many trees in this area and mostly bushes and occasional plants. Only in rainy season the whole area is covered with greenery.

    About 2 years back, I saw a few retired people living in nearby societies planting tree saplings in that place around the walking trails. After that I was out of my town for a few times and did not get opportunity to go to that place for an occasional long walk.

    Recently, I visited there and saw those familiar faces doing the same thing in the evening time and when I interacted with them I was astonished to find out that they have planted about 600 plants already and some of them have come up nicely.

    I am deeply moved by their actions as they are doing it in isolation without any publicity or NGO face or things like that.

    I salute to these selfless creatures of green Earth and wanted to share it with members here.
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    Very nice to know that some retired people are doing good work to save the mother earth. The plantation they are doing is good. The service is done with the real motto of saving the earth. So the people may not want any advertisement or publicity. They may not be asking for any financial help also. For them trees growing is important. We should really appreciate such people who are doing a real service to the society without expecting anything in return from anybody. I join with the author in saluting the people who are doing selfless service. I thank the other for the information shared.
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    On abundance of the things around us only few are able to make us smile. We are blessed with such personalities & may God bless them all. We are so negative with our thoughts that our imagination doesn't go beyond political events but its good to learn of such happenings & its good for the author to let us know about the same.

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