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    Why "they lived happily ever after" is often possible only in movies

    A vast majority of our movies in most languages are absolute trash. Very rarely, we get to see some lovely movies like "3 idiots" (Hindi), that had a very good message. It had a superb take on what was wrong with the education system, as it were.

    There are too many movies where the schoolboy and his classmate are shown as loving each other, and after defying all the resistance from parents elope and get married. Some movies convey the horrible message that with the help of friends, they lead superbly happy lives.

    This is far removed from actual realities. Let not our filmmakers attempt anything remotely connected with love stories, involving school children. In fact, most children take matters to the real extreme. A couple of years ago, one was shocked to find a seventh standard girl in Coimbatore city, boozing on the road and creating a big scene, because of "love failure".

    Most of such horrible experiences are a direct take off from some stupid Tamil movie or the other. In fact, we even need some control over such stories, that seem to be keen to only inflame passions and create disturbances in the society.

    Life is tough for even postgraduates or doctorate degree holders. School children ought to only study and not divert their energy on matters related to romance. We should put an end to this nonsense.
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    I agree with the author, many of our youngsters learn from movies they even don't bother that they are doing is wrong and such things are only possible in movies.

    I am surprised how can a seventh standard girl have a love failure. That is something to worry. But this all cannot be blamed only to the movies, it is the fault of the parents too. Kids behave like this when parents don't control them. It's the responsibility of parents to know as much they can know about their kids.

    Recently my daughter who is of 11 years old told us that a boy who goes in their van was showing the middle finger to a girl. That girl complained to her father and her father scolded this boy. But my daughter was asking what does it mean to show the middle finger. I kept quiet on this and could not say anything. And the question which arrived in my mind what to tell her. This is very serious as these days kids are leaning things in schools which we never thought of when we were in school. Ultimately my wife explained to her what does it mean. And I doubt this boy had learned it from the movie as well.


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    Most of the people go to see movies because they do not see those things in the real life. Entertainment industry thrives on this craving for the movies.

    Now some students take it very genuinely and try to replicate in the real life and fail miserably. They do not understand that movies are mostly fantasies and depicting the ideal things and actions which seldom happen in the real life.

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    To some extent, the movies are spoiling the children. The children go to the movie and imagine as if they are similar to the main character there. Whatever is done by the main character, these children will also try to do. There the actual problem is coming. They are not understanding the difference between reel life and real life. Here only the role of parents will come. The parent should teach them in the house what is good, what is bad. what is to be done. what should not be done? They should try to explain them with examples from our mythological stories, how good people behaved etc. That will help them to understand the importance of doing good and behaving well.
    These days the children are learning everything and they are getting the exposure of many things through the internet and smartphones. So parents should take interest and see that their children will be on the correct path. It is very difficult to bend a tree than a plant. So we should be careful when they are in their early ages only.

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    All these feel good movies end with"happily ever after" as they intend to. Movie makers are behind such themes, their sole aim to get good collection in the theatres.

    But the content of the films should not influence us. It should end as soon as we exit the theatres. If we carry these into our life, then life is not so easy. Our students should know the difference between film and reality. Parenting and social influence are the keys that help them in realising the situation. And lead a not so difficult 'happy ever after'.

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