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    A person finds the company what he deserves.

    We, the humans, are by nature gregarious. We make our own friends and company. We do not feel comfortable with everyone and so search people of our choice and taste so that we can enjoy the company the way we wish to.

    During these efforts we reject a few of them as they are not of our liking and at the same time some of them do not encourage us for friendship due to obvious reasons.

    Ultimately, we find the like minded people and spend our leisure time together.

    I feel that whether good or bad we finally get the company what we deserve. Do you also think like that?
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    In chemistry also, we learned that like dissolves in like, Same is the case here also. To make friends with somebody we will try to understand their nature and attitude, If they are matching to our taste, we will make friends with those people only. If we feel the likes and dislikes are not matching, we may not go ahead. So if I have good habits I will be friendly with such people only. People judge by a person's nature by knowing his friends. So it is not the question deservedness. It is the liking and similarities that will make friends happen. The chances of becoming a friend to a differently thinking man or a different type of man are very rare. Even we become friends for a while it is not going to get continued for a long time.
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    For me we are not living in any dream land or being part of a Bollywood movie & therefore the realities of the practical world is completely different. No matter what but the attributes of two different human beings can't match with 100% ratio & therefore would be different in many aspects which in a way would be somehow uncomfortable to each other. The resemblances between the two would then be completely dependent upon how much that they are ready to negotiate to or flexible enough to go ahead with extra miles in order to accept the traits of each others. The understanding & relationship is heavily dependent within these two. However this wouldn't be good enough & this will get influenced by many other factors as well.

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    We are choosy and always make friendship with those who have some similarities with our nature. Everybody is unique and possess various characteristic. It's our characteristic to find the comfort zone and that's why we make so many choices.

    There are people who possess different characteristics but remain good friends throughout the life. For them, often we refer to the example of the magnet - opposite poles attract and like poles repel. They have a very good understanding of their differences.

    But in general, we choose the company of like minded persons. Sharing our feelings and chatting with the other person is the inherent aspect of any companionship and things can be shared with another person only when we can exchange our views. For example, when we are eating together and sharing the foods, the non-vegetarian items cannot be shared with a person who is a complete vegetarian. Though both the persons can have a very good friendship. Actually, it is impossible to find another person who is having exactly the same characteristic. There will be dissimilarities, but for being a good companion the mutual understanding is a must.

    Ultimately we cannot live alone and need a company to talk to and share our feelings. Therefore it's our tendency to choose the right ones with whom we feel comfortable.


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