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    Regarding payment detail page

    Where is the payment detail page?
    As I read the instructions to get the payment in account hence payment page detail is required to upload the invoice message hence tell me where is the payment detail page.

    If possible understand the whole procedure regarding uploading invoice message because I want to understand everything before becoming honest member of this forum.
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    You will get paid when it is announced by the site. If your name is there in the list then there is specific invoice number generated against your name. Upload sample invoice and fill in your details mentioned in the sample invoice like your name, invoice number, amount, bank details, then go to your profile under which go to gifts and awards category where you will find "detail" option near the invoice number which is announced on your name. Click on it and scroll down and upload the invoice where you had filled the detail. For more clarity check this link. I hope this is sufficient for you to become an honest member of this site.

    how to receive payment


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    Initially you may have difficulty in understanding the process as it happens when we go to a new site but ones you are familiar with it then you will be at your ease.

    Do not rush through the things but go slowly and note down the subtle steps if you are not able to retain them in your mind.

    I will tell you one simple way of doing it. Go to 'Dashbord' and select 'My profile'. In that go to 'Gifts and Awards '. There you will find the various awards given to you. See if cash payment and invoice number is mentioned in any one of them. If yes, then it means that you can claim it by filling an invoice and uploading it here. Now in that line only you will see the word 'Details' written in the end. Click on it and you will get the page where you have to upload your invoice.

    Now by this time you should have prepared your invoice in word format and it should be available in your mobile or laptop.

    In the specified page there is a box for a short message to be entered by you that you are submitting the invoice for such and such month and there are buttons below the box to add/ upload that invoice file there. Once you upload it you will see a message there itself that it is done. The box will reappear below for any future communication in this regard.

    Do not worry. I also learned it in 2-3 attempts only. Be patient. Haste will only confuse you.

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    You will be given an invoice number and a mail will be sent to you. Otherwise, in the payment announcement thread, there will be a link. If you click on that link a list will open. In that list, your name the invoice number and amount will be mentioned. Then only you can apply for payment. Already in#654391 the member has given a link for knowing the payment process. Just open that link you will see a page in which the details are very well discussed. Once you go through you will understand the whole procedure. It is not at all very difficult. You first start coming to the site and do some activity here. There are no problems. You will get your payment.
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