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    What type of TV we should buy today in the market?

    Today when we go to purchase a TV the shopkeeper presents us various models telling that it is normal resolution or this one is high resolution or another one as high density resolution or the latest QLED resolution and things like that.

    A layman is at his wits end to understand these subtleties. Now the point is that the TV transmission is being done at a specified resolution which can only be reproduced or fine tuned at our end. How these super high resolution TVs are going to help us to reproduce better or it is only a futuristic buying that when transmission will be better we will enjoy it with our latest gadgets?

    What do you opine about this?
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    If a person wants to have a good quality then there are lot of options available. HD, Full HD, 4K are some of the options. And to view content in the full quality then we should also opt for a smart tv. The cable operator or the DTH would not be able to provide 4K quality to the customers for now. But with the smart tv you could view some of the amazing quality in your living room.

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    That depends on the liking and the affordability of the individual. These days there are many companies in the market which are offering very good models. HD, Full HD, 4K and smart TV are some of the options available. Smart TVs are on demand these days. So we can prefer to have a smart TV.
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    What's your budget & in addition what different functionalities you want to have it in your TV. There are new technologies have been introduced by the different brands during the recent times & choosing the best one would be good but then the budget is also a determining factor.

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    It's a trap set by the TV manufacturer to make an additional feature to make an edge over their competitor. We should not fall prey to such marketing. We should understand these advertisements are made to sell more. They make the market to sell what they want to sell not what we want to by. Buying a TV with futuristic feature may have the advantage to use that feature as soon as possible after launch. Does it make a smart buy? My opinion is NO. The public might get that feature for what you are paying a high cost. All TV sets have a basic feature and all the cost depends on the additional feature a company making available to you. It all depends on our budget as one of the members mention in the response. I will prefer TV with basic feature. Now the TV is android TV.
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    "Now the TV is android TV." "we can prefer to have a smart TV."
    I am also confused and torn between these two statements.

    To be frank, I am still managing with a 14" CRT. My TV viewing is most minimal and almost nil on most days. It is only when some important happenings are there I used to view TV news. We do not watch TV serials at all.Hence I am managing with the same TV for last about 20 yrs.

    But recently I am also tempted to buy a new TV of say 32". My son opines that if we buy now then the TV should have facilities to link with cloud and not just HD card or USB. I am not able to make my mind because of the confusion.
    So the deliberations here will be useful t me also.

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