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    The necessity for increasing basic preparedness during natural calamities

    During natural calamities such as floods, landslides, etc. what would be the basic pre-planned measures essential to be prepared when the calamity does strike? Give useful suggestions and discuss the necessity to be well prepared.

    The recent "Gaja" cyclone in Tamil Nadu is perhaps illustrative of what more needs to be done during emergencies. While the Government did take special efforts to move people to places of safety well before the tragedy struck, it did not make any provision for food and water in any venue. Even now, when the schools have just about reopened, there does seem to be a big vacuum in terms of the food arrangements. Alternative arrangements for stay for at least the next thirty days has to be made for people who have lost everything.

    It so happens that it is the poorest of the poor who have been affected.The Government has to necessarily do the needful. And before the next tragedy strikes, even when the weatherman issue the warning about likely places to be affected,the Government should coordinate with all voluntary agencies and even political parties to get the food and water ready in all the relief Centers.

    This is the most important thing that should be done.
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    In times of natural calamities and disasters, a lot of manpower, funding and will to help the fellow beings is required.

    There are three factors required to be correlated in this context. First is the Govt funds and preparedness in these matters. Second is the population affected by the calamity and third is the proactive actions taken by the Govt.

    The proactive action is the most important thing to safeguard the lives of people. To displace the people in time to nearby safer places and arrange ration and daily needs for them for a prolonged time is very challenging, as it takes time in making repairs and rehabilitation works in the affected places.

    Seeing the vast geographical area and the huge population in our country the efforts of the Govt appear to be very meagre and definitely a lot of revamping is needed in this area.

    Even in advanced countries like US, they have great difficulties in times of storms and tornados which attack them so frequently. Their low population density and bigger facilities to help the people somehow manages the show.

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    This is very important. Emergency mitigation plans and preparedness are very important when this type of calamities take place. Recently we are observing that governments are doing some work but it may not be sufficient fully. Still, a lot of improvement is needed
    In this matter, we should appreciate the government of Andhra Pradesh and the Chief Minister of that State Chandra Babu Naidu for the way they faced the problems in Visakhapatnam and Srikakulam. They have made very good arrangements and seen that there is no human loss. They are able to bring back the normalcy in the affected areas within no time. All the people appreciated the efforts of their CM.
    If the other States also make a similar action plan and the CM heads the works personally in those times of Emergency the results will be definitely good.

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    Natural calamities are always unexpected and don't allow us to move to a safe place. It's better that common people should be given awareness on how to protect themselves when some disaster happens.

    Disasters take lots of lives and damage properties and after the impact of the same is also very huge as various diseases spread afterwards and for that, the government should think of. More NGOs should come up to help people affected by these.


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    Natural calamity comes un notified. We should be prepared for such calamity in the purview of gaja and recent floods in Kerala.

    The prepared should come from both individual and the goverment agencies. At the individual level we should be aware of our situation, environment where they are residing near a water body along a hill. There are chances of quick floods or land slide. They should be aware of the weather updates from the agencies. They should always keep their documents ready in a waterproof bag as in case of emergicies they could readily evacuate with the documents.

    Government should be we aware of future weather situations and should alert the people likely to face the calamity. They should keep the resume forces alert.

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    Natural calamities are something which is uncertain and unpredictable hence beforehand rescue plan or knowledge is not going to work at it all in saving lives of people.
    I think right from 5th standard in each and every school, students should be made to learn disaster management practices, this would not only help them get very useful knowledge along with other knowledge but they will help themselves during such disaster.
    Book knowledge is not enough, practical knowledge is required.
    Moreover, creating awareness through social media, televisions, newspapers would also work effectively in making people aware of such disasters.
    It is very much essential to make people save themselves during a disaster management by make them learn about the rescue practices and the ways to save others. Some times rescue time don't reach on time on the place of disaster hence it is required to make people aware about self help.

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