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    Very interesting question by a citizen – Why should I vote?

    What would be your reaction if asked why an eligible citizen asked you why he or she should vote? Is it really necessary to vote in an election?

    It is election time in some states and a hectic schedule for political leaders, contestants and never the less for media persons too. An enthusiastic media reporter of prominent TV channel was moving here and there with his mike around a railway station premises and seeking the views of the people about the possible win of the parties and the development in the region.

    The young reporter approached a man who seemed to be in his late fifties and asked whom he was expecting to win. The man retorted, "Why should I cast my vote?"
    Reporter asked, "Why not, if you are not interested you can use the NOTA option too."
    "Why should I waste my time. Even if I vote or not, even if switch on the NOTA button, what will happen? X will win. If his party comes to power it is okay. Otherwise, he would immediately switch over the ruling party before swearing in as MLA. What action was taken on such defectors for the last four and a half years?", the man replied.
    "We are only contributing such elected representatives by taking money for vote," the reporter still continued.
    "But the persons at the helm of affairs should make proper legislation to check this and not me or you. Why the speaker or the law hasn't taken a decision to disqualify them for the last four years. Everyone knows the reasons", said the man.

    This conversation really did happen and the man has a point in his say. Yes, we have seen such defectors in Lok Sabha and Assemblies of various states. The decision on their disqualification goes to pending status, meanwhile some of them get elevated as Ministers too and next election date gets announced.

    Who will understand the feeling of such a real common man?
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    True. When we think we will also feel we have lost. What is the use of NOTA? If we vote for NOTA also the person who got the maximum votes will win. If NOTA gets maximum votes, reelection should be conducted with new members contesting in the election. Otherwise voting for NOTA is just not voting only.
    Many MLAs after winning on a different party, changed their loyalties to the ruling party and became ministers. But no action on them. This type of incidents happened in Telangana as well as Andhra Pradesh. The cases are pending in court. But these people continued in their positions and earned a lot.
    The present-day politics is nothing but a way to earn. They are spending huge amounts on winning and later they earn back the money. I also feel there is no reason we have to go, stand in a queue and vote. It may be a waste of time only.

    always confident

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    Interesting but is the fact with most of us but instead of for the last four and a half years this remained the case for the period of time which we all know in context with the Indian politics. We are reflected with such pessimism because our experiences haven't been good so far but even this found out to be on the declining state. This could simply of the fact that after five year term of every government the result was not as expected.

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    The purpose of voting in a democracy is to select a good candidate who can guide the country in a developmental path of progress and prosperity. Unfortunately in many democracies, including ours, it did not happen so. People can give hundreds of reasons for it but it is the bitter truth.

    In such a situation, the apathy of the common voters can be well understood. Today some voters are over enthusiastic to vote as they have affiliations with the contesting party and they do so in a hope of getting their own selfish motives to be realised ones that party comes to power. So only selfish interests are driving them to the polling booths.

    There are many highly educated persons who are not interested in the process of voting. They do not even apply for the voters card. It is all a waste of time for them. They know the things in greater details and to avoid the agonies which common person is going through, they take proactive action of refraining from the voting process.

    In an honest and fair democracy voter turnout will be more than 90 % unlike the present response of 40-70 % in our country.

    Knowledge is power.

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    #654366, I don't feel that, "It may be a waste of time only". Even though that the development jobs doesn't seems to be ok but still we can be evident of the same around us being happening in comparatively faster pace. Seems to be the first time that the opposition parties are left with no major issues with the present ruling is good enough to understand with the fact that the current government is doing a good job on every front but even after this how far we are ready to cooperate with it is up to us only.

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    In fact, the question raised by the author is correct. Whether we vote or not somebody will win and the winner will be acting as directed by the Party through which he got in. Sometimes the Party leadership will decide to go with another group in order to be in power. This happens when a single party do not get a majority. These days in several States this is the case. Only combinations of Parties come into power. After forming the Government, the relationship among the parties in the front worsens, which ends in withdrawal of the party's support. So if we had voted to this particular party, they will ot be in power, that way our votes go to another group.
    So NOT A help us to get the satisfaction that we used our vote but did not give to any of these groups fighting each other, not in the name of the country's progress. Also we can make sure that nobody else has misused our right to vote. Perhaps this is the major advantage of NOT A.


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    You need to vote in order to decide the future of your upcoming generation. There are a lot of people who ask these questions. They need to understand that at the time of voting everyone is equal irrespective of their class. We need to use the power of the vote to give mandate to the right people.

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