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    Man vs Machines - can the best of both be utilized for productive results?

    The man vs machine is an age-old debate. Here you can bring forth your views on the trustworthiness and efficiency of both and how combining together the good qualities of each we can achieve the best results.

    We often come in contact with quotes saying,"machines can't be trusted", because machines can wear down because of continual work and they only work on instructions. But we also come across,"It's only human to err". We are susceptible to many things that makes us not as efficient as machines after all. Illness, boredom, exhaustion, lack of concentration, lack of knowledge, etc. makes us err.

    Then who is trustworthy? Who is more efficient to work with? Man or machine? Man becomes a machine when he offers fidelity (ability to reproduce identical results each time) according to me. And a machine becomes man when it has opinions about its job according to me. So how can we utilize the best of both forms?
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    A machine is made by a man. A machine is to be maintained by a man only. When we made a machine we should make a preventive maintenance schedule for the machine and that schedule is to be followed without any deviation.
    If that is done properly, the machine will work properly. If a machine is working incorrectly means it is not maintained by a human being properly. Hence the fault is with the man only. Not with the machine.
    We should see the life of each part of the machine and we should decide when we should change the part and we have to change accordingly. Then there will not be a question of a part wore down.
    So I feel human only will err, but not the machine. A machine has no brain. It will work as instructed. But human beings are having brains. So they will never work as instructed. They will try shortcuts. This will lead to errors and problems.

    always confident

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    Under good maintenance, machines are supposed to work properly and accurately. It is meant for that purpose.

    Indian Railways has a very advanced and state of art software system for facilitating us to reserve our seats or berths in the train. The system is well maintained by the concerned software and hardware agencies and I have not seen any major failure in it in my lifetime. It is not only accurate its precision is noteworthy.

    In France, they are having nuclear electric power and electric lines for domestic and commercial purposes since so many years. We have not heard even a single shut down there.

    So if maintained properly machines are the most reliable things.

    Human beings are biochemical life forms having a brain which is always active in doing dynamic and real time corrections to its logic, experience, storage and even status. It is a mind boggling massive work far far superior and gigantic than that of a biggest computer on the Earth. There is an element of consciousness and judgement over riding each and every action of a human being which is not found in man made machines. So the results of human brains will be subjective and biased due to their individual experiences. The net result is they may look erroneous to some of us and sometimes even look as a blunder to all of us.

    So in my opinion 'to err is human' is a normal thing though our efforts should be to minimise it.

    Knowledge is power.

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