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    Why are some persons more creative than others?

    Ever wondered what could be the source of creativity more so in some people than in others? Is it inborn or a result of some external factors? Share your interesting views.

    What are the ingredients required to be creative and why everyone can not be like that? Some people are really very creative. They do everything in a creative way. Their concentration and focus in doing anything is remarkable. They see the positive sides of the things and give output in the worst situation. They literally produce gold out of the dust.

    These people are not only hard working but they also know the essence and value of the time. They do not waste their time in unnecessary indulgences and surprisingly their hobbies are also constructive ones.

    What are your views on this? What is that distinguishes the creative people from others and why everyone can not become like that?
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    I think creativity comes from the dedication and concentration by the person. A person who understands the subject well and who will concentrate on innovations in the field can create new things. A person who spends a lot of time on a particular art with a good focus on the subject can do creative work. The movie Bahabali is an example of creative work. The director of the movie concentrated and focused on making the film and never deviated from the same line. During those days he has not accepted any other movie. He spent full time on understanding the each and every step of the story and he made a good research regarding the presentation of each character in the movie. The movie is a live example of the creative capabilities of the director. He made all the technicians and actors to put their maximum efforts and the movie is an all-time hit of Tollywood.
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    People are creative because of their inner creativity quality.

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    I feel everyone has at least one creative quality, but success comes to those who love the creative field. Along with it, there are a few things which influence creativity:
    1. It is in the gene.
    2. It is an inborn talent.
    3. The knack for a creative work.
    4. The ability to work hard and the desire to attain perfection mean one has to practise a lot. If one wants to succeed in a creative field, then unlimited rehearsal sessions are a must.
    5. Finally, the temperament also matters.


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    It's a very interesting thread by the author. Creativity is a talent and flourishes by practice. For example, a person with a melodious voice and a fair idea about the tunes can sing well. But it needs a lot of practice to become successful as a singer. Similarly, for every profession, the creative person gives special attention to the details and thinks how differently a thing can be done.

    The way a person thinks plays a vital role. Creative people never do things just for the sake of doing it, rather they think of how perfectly and how differently it can be done. By concentrating on things one like to do help to develop the thought process which in turns help to do it in a creative way.


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    Creativity doesn't exist in every person. People usually are dominated by old thoughts and beliefs and few people think out of the box. Such people are called creative. Not all the people think much about creativity as they don't think something differently and scare it would harm in any way if do anything different.

    One should be creative so that he or she may grow in personal and professional life.

    Professionally also, boss likes the subordinates who may give some innovative ideas.


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    How do you define being creative? I define it as bringing something new. Doing the unthinkable. It can be used synonymously with inventive and we all know necessity is the mother of invention. So creativity does not depend on other factors as it does on upbringing and surrounding.
    The Masai tribe of Kenya stitch up wounds through mandibles of ants. Isn't that quite creative?! I have many other such examples where populace came together and utilized the best out of surroundings. The city of Venice built on the sea is one such examples. The more you take away from someone the more creative they are forced to be. So if you want to be creative, keep an open mind, but closed surrounding( in a sense the influence). That is also why most writers don't read other books to voluntarily inhibit themselves from merely getting "inspired" by someone. Having chill parents instead of stricter atmosphere also helps because you are habituated breaking customs in that way.
    Masai lead a hunter gatherer life and their life is harsh. They get wounded frequently, But not being in contact with medicine and needles all the time forced them to adopt that creative ant stapling method. It's all about upbringing and lifestyle.

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