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    What makes you admire the other person?

    We all have our share of likes and dislikes. We appreciate some qualities and condemn the others. But above all, we know we tend to like or dislike the person based on some major trait we think are dominating factor above all.

    We like some Politicians, Movie actors, Sportsperson etc. based on one major quality, like "Reliable player, Honest Public Servant, Amazing social skills etc.
    What is that one quality which you generally find in the person worth praising?
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    I feel loyalty and honesty are the qualities which are required for a person to be admired.
    Atl Bihari Vajpayee is honest in all his action and behaviour. He is very loyal to the country first, then to his party and then comes self. He never changed his party for the personal gains.
    Lal Bahadur Sastry is honest throughout his political career. He is very loyal to the country. He never misused his power for his personal benefits. He was the PM who never had an own house.
    I admire these politicians. They never took advantage of their power to help their relatives, friends or family. They worked for the country and the lived for the country. But these days we will not find a single politician with these qualities. The present politicians want politics for personal gains and money.
    One should be honest in his life and he should be loyal to his profession or field of activity. Such people can be admired.

    always confident

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    Every person has basic temperament but it could be impulsive temperament, humble temperament, but it doesn't mean the person with impulsive temperament has to be disliked because the person might be impulsive due to some reason so be need to understand and make them feel that we like them and they are admirable because this will definitely bring a change in them.
    Admire such persons for something good in them and make them feel comfortable with each and everything.
    Admiration can definitely bring the change for good in that person.

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    While honesty and reliability of a person are liked by most of us, but they are hard to find. In our everyday life, we make friends according to our own choice that can vary. The choice depends a lot on our own qualities and when we find some like-minded persons we enjoy their company.

    When it comes to personalities like politicians, sportspersons or actors we admire certain qualities that attracts us. Since in many cases they are not known to us personally, we look for certain traits that we are fond of. In the case of actors, we like their acting, way of speaking in public and also the social interactions.

    Few may find the looks attractive and that's why they make choices accordingly. Few may like simplicity, few others may like fashionable people. For politicians, a lot depends on their public interaction and works. Ethics also play a very important role to make the choice, though in the present day politicians we hardly see any ethics.

    For me, I stick to the honesty and politeness of a person when it comes to making a choice.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Honesty is definitely one of the quality due to which a person is admired by all. Apart from this, I like people who are intelligent and are not shy. I have met many people who are shy to talk with people and keep quiet. Even they don't speak up when they are required to. I dislike such a person who can't put his opinion in front of others.

    Also, there are few people around us who think themselves to be superior to others without knowing anything about others. Such people think that they are smart but in reality, they are over smart. They don't realise that they hurt people by their behaviour.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    Admiring at some people may be for various reasons. But I observed that people who are deeply admired are always respected. So, based upon this, I had written an article about the the features in people that make them a respectable one.

    What maks you a respectable person?

    The main qualities I felt for being admired are:
    1. Minding their own business
    2. Treating others the way, they want to be treated
    3. Not expecting for respect from others.

    Sri Vetri
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    Liking and disliking for a particular person depends upon the individual expectation from that person. Generally we feel that a leader and public servant should be honest.

    When we go to buy a thing in the market we expect that the seller should be transparent and should not cheat us.

    When we apply for a job we feel that there should not be any unfair practices and nepotism and people should be selected in a proper way.

    So our expectation change with the situation. When it comes to identify a particular quality of a person we like then high moral character and impartial functioning is the one which I will like to appreciate.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I think we admire a person when we want to mimic that person. That means his/her personality should appeal to your hidden self. So you must ask yourself, on doing what would you love yourself more? I think the quality I look the most for is- Consistency/Fidelity. You see, I am obsessed with being perfect and you can't be perfect for just an instance. That is called being lucky. Fidelity, ability to tirelessly replicate an exact result again and again without working long and hard, is what makes me admire a person. My mom's ability to make exactly the same Hanuman sketch everytime is admirable. Linkin Park's ability to make every album of theirs sound great is admirable. My ability to always deliver a good poem is what I find admirable in myself. Being consistent matters more than being the best in my world.
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