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    Would you support child marriages?

    Sitting in London, I wondered what was happening back home, in India. So, I asked Alexa to update me on what is making headlines in India. To my utter shock, one of the news was about a BJP nominee, from Rajasthan, who had in her campaigning speech promised her constituents that she would allow child marriage if she was voted back into power. She is believed to have stated that she will not allow the police to stop child marriages if she is in power.

    The lady in question is an IAS officer's spouse.

    What is your stand on this issue - did the news appal you? Do you support child marriage? Would you vote for a candidate who supports this practice?
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    It's shocking to know that a people's representative is saying something which is illegal in this country. I have read the news and found she said this when addressing certain queries about the intervention of police during child marriages.

    Child marriage is prevalent among that particular community and in general in many communities in Rajasthan. When the central government is promoting the Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao campaign, a nominee from the same party from Rajasthan is promoting just the reverse. There is a tendency among a certain section of people in the country to marry off their daughters early and this promise from the nominee may be a fallout of that mentality.

    It's really deplorable and the election commission should not allow her to contest elections from any of the constituencies. As long as strict punitive actions are not taken against these people, it would be hard for the country to progress. The progress of a country is not limited to a few cities and it must reach every corner of the society.

    There must be mass awareness among those communities where child marriage is prevalent and with the help of social scientists, psychologists, and law enforcement agencies the mentality will gradually change.


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    Child marriages should not be allowed. It is illegal and court will punish if anybody is encouraging such acts. I don't know how a person from the party which is encouraging female children has made this comment. The party should take action on her and she shouldn't be allowed to contest in the election. BJP has to immediately make her out of the contest and shouldn't be allowed to give speeches. Otherwise, the party will get the blame.
    In some tribal groups in some places of India this child marriages are happening. The awareness among the people should be brought and no one should make these child marriages,

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    It's most shocking election campaign. It also raises a few questions regarding her mindset and what made her to put forth such a idea.

    She has said the statement for getting some votes, which in turn disturbs me as she thinks there are persons still performing child marriages. There were some news in the media where police have stooped child marriages, but these are only reported cases. There would be numerous other cases which goes unnoticed.

    I think we cannot change the mind set of these politicians as they themselves won't force their children for child marriage but for vote they may gives false i formation to the poor people, who are still living in past. The politicians are just utilising them.

    We should ain at the root cause of these problem. If there are no child marriages happening these irresponsible politicians won't put forward such a absurd statement. The programmes put forward to stop these practises are not going into grassroot effect. Every individual should strive to get our people in correct path. We are responsible for our India.

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    I am also shocked to know what she said. Being an IAS Officer's wife how can she speak like this. May be she was targeting uneducated people who favour child marriages.

    All politicians are like this only, they can say and promise anything for their profit. She should be given punishment for giving such a stupid statement which is against the law.


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    A lady is saying that if she would be in power, she will support child marriage and she is a wife of an IAS officer then how we can expect how to hear this from her. The lady who is saying this doesn't need to be in power because public has the power to give her power hence it is the responsibility of the public not to support this lady. No one should vote such a lady. Generally we expect that women will understand the pain of another women men but here opposite is happening.
    I just want to say that public shouldn't support this lady.

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    This is the worst era of Indian politics. Politicians are only trying to appease local public who still believes in such traditions. They are not trying to make a positive change. They forgot to lead the common people for the betterment of society and ultimately nation. How our nation will become a world power and stands respect in respect to positive change. They are far away from the thinking of social revolutionist. By reading your thread and the news I get from different part of India. Where we are dragging our nation to? This politician you have mentioned is only seeking a vote from the people to get elect. It seems they have no concern to develops society and the nation.
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    Politicians can go to any extent to get popularity in a particular locality. They are expert in going back in time and make the people happy. Science and technology is yet to achieve that impossible task.

    Today women are flying jet planes with ease and going in space for research. They have shown and established beyond doubt that they can perform in the areas which were earlier reserved for men only.

    In such a scenario the ridiculing expressions made by some poltician are to be highly condemned by the people. It is really very shameful and disgraceful if a lady is talking about a girl child like that.

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    Let us not blame any individual but blame the system that has still its existance in our system. She may be a spouse of an IAS officer and played her card to grab the votes of such supporters to win an election. The promise itself indicates the underlying element that is still prevailing in some parts of the country even after 70 year of our independence. This is to be checked and coming to the campaigner, what we can say? Our life style may change with the position we enjoy but not the ideology we follow since the beginning. it is the responsibility of the voters to take care of such promoters of the system which was detrimental to the society.

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    Child marriage is the worst crime in India. It should never be supported or encouraged. It is ridiculous to argue that child marriage is a sort of protection for the girl child. Such arguments are put forward by the most conservative people in India. It is high time that we put an end to such horrible thinking. Those who talk about child marriage should be put behind bars for five years. We should frame appropriate laws in this regard.

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    There are many nonsensical comments being commented on by the members of each of the political parties with the sole purpose of being into limelight. The 21st century India is all the way different from its traditional one with the new generation are moved towards with the developmental & growth agendas & with the jurisdiction taking care of such type of illegal actions. These are therefore better to get ignored of.

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    Although I completely am against of child marriage I would like to look from the traditional lens of those Rajastani clans that has this system deeply engraved in them. And BJP's strategy always has been to exemplify themselves as saviour of regional traditions. To those orthodox Rajastani Marwadi and other ethnic groups this is a golden opportunity to bring back their culture isn't it? We, the educated of Western ways, have a completely different view over this issue. As we educated folks try our best to educate those little girls, in remote parts of Rajastan kids are raised with narration of stories about child marriage and purity, "Gudda, Guddi khel", household skills etc.., in such a way that the girls' mindsets were never really set on higher education.

    I had a couple in my school. My classmates were married off as children so I have seen this mess up close. This problem was never averted to be honest because patronizing child marriages is seen as a way of adhering to culture in this societies. Child marriages that were secretly happening will be patronized by this Sobha Chauhan. What can actually avert child marriages? Educating children seems an obvious answer but what say does a minor have in home? Educating parents seem like an answer but parents are no school going, disciplined, curious students to learn and implement the education they got. Most of these orthodox clans will be too stubborn to even attend such programs. Can increasing patrol work? I guess. Because it is clear that child marriages were happening in past decade too. But most of these tribes live in arid wastelands which are very inaccessible to patrol. What can be done?

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    There is no way i would support child marriages. We must act together to stop them from happening. There should be strict laws and regulations made against the culprits. We can't imagine the horror those innocent child have to bear. What should be the right punishment for this crime?

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