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    How has social media benefitted you personally?

    We all love to surf the internet a lot but social media has benefitted us in one or more ways and has a deep impact on our daily life.
    I just want to ask you, how it has benefitted you personally and what do you think how it is going to help you in your future.
    Do not include its demerits. Here we are going to discuss the benefits only.
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    The Internet is one of the most important and the life-changing invention of the century. I am here discussing and sharing my view from a place which might be far away from you. It brings the world together. The most important tool to get information in seconds and at any time. Social media gives us all a platform to share, learn, explore a different aspect of the life of others we connected with. It is a platform to stay connected with our loved ones wherever they reside. We have creates an illusionary world which makes us some time happy if use in control. The internet and social media is boon if use in limit and in control.
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    Social media has lots of advantages if it is used for good work. Here are a few benefits:

    ~ Connectivity: Because of social media only we are able to connect with the people sitting anywhere in the world in a few seconds which was not possible in the past.
    ~ Education: Social media is an important tool for teachers and students. One can easily take the help of an expert with the use of it regardless of his or her location.
    ~ Promotion: One can easily grow up his or her business (offline or online) with the help of social media as the product or service can be promoted without any fee and one can have a customer through it.
    ~ Other uses: One can aware people with anything through social media, also different NGOs can ask for charity, donations with the help of social media. Also, it's useful for the government as it may be helpful to catch criminals by publishing their image and the details.

    It has helped me to find out my lost friends and share our images. It is of great use for me to promote my articles.


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    I personally see social media as a weapon and one must know how well to use it. I also have written an article on merits of social media in detail.
    here is the link, hope it contributes much to this discussion.
    Why should we sign up to social media

    Also I have written a friendship poem on Socially connected friends .

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    Different people will perceive the benefits of social media differently depending upon their interests and activity areas. Some use it for communication while some use it just for idling in lazy hours. There are many who use it for social or political purposes.

    I, as a user of this media, am impressed by its immense power in mobilizing people in less time. Just a few days back we wanted to carry out some volunteering cleanliness work in a nearby park in our area so we flashed the message that on a holiday morning falling in next few days we all will assemble in the morning to carry out the same. This message was floated in many whatsapp groups in our locality and the volunteers assembled were much beyond our expectations.

    So definitely, this is a very very powerful tool in our hands and if used in a positive and constructive way it can yield many beneficial results for us.

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    Social media is a way to get connected with the people. It is helping us in getting in touch with our friends with whom we have lost our contact. Personally I got in touch with many of my friends with whom I have done my studies at various levels starting from high school to University. Even I could attend meetings with my classmates at various places.
    I am able to get in touch with many of relatives who are in different parts of the world. I am able to attend a get together organised by our relatives also.
    I am able to get latest infirmation about the happenings around the world and made to get updated with the activities around.
    I am able to know various new places which I never know before.
    Only one problem I noticed with the social media is spreading of false news. If this is avoided social media will become a best way to be in touch with the world.

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