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    When you find the match fixed!

    You are watching your favorite teams playing in the trophy. It was an emphatic win for the team you have supported and you started to celebrate the win with your friends. It's a common phenomenon in any game. A few days later it is found that the match was fixed and one of your favorite players is among the suspects. After hearing this you would not like the news and curse the players. You have enjoyed the game, but later when it is found that everything was predetermined then the reliability is questioned; the excitement dies down.

    I know few people who have lost their interest in cricket after the match-fixing issues surfaced. Now, think of our life and daily activities. We go through tough times, face challenges and finally come out of those difficult phases. This is also a natural phenomenon. There are few people who rely too much on astrology, tarots and many techniques that are used for predicting the future. There are few people who predict things correctly and there are also many who dupe people. When someone is predicting good things, the person relying on the prediction may feel very excited. On the other hand, when someone is predicting unfavorable situations, the person relying on it can be very demoralized.

    Don't you think we are fixing the results of life by relying on predictions? There is a common saying that whatever has to happen will happen, then why many people want to know in advance what is going to happen? Is it really enjoyable or is it better to take life as it comes?
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    We can't rely on astrological predictions and keep silent without doing anything. At the same time, we can't leave everything and sit lazy thinking that whatever has to happen will happen. We have to do what we have to do and leave the rest. Whatever has to happen will happen. That is what Lord Krishna told Arjuna. He said to him that everything will be decided by God. But He will be making the things to happen through somebody. So it is our duty to do whatever we have to do.
    Coming to Astrological predictions, what I feel is we should take them as an indications only and we have to have our programme to work out the things. No prediction will come true if you are simply sitting expecting good to happen.
    We have to have our own plans to execute the works and do the works without expecting anything in return.

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    I am one such person who doesn't watch cricket matches especially the IPL as they are fixed. Former South African captain Hansie Cronje was my favourite cricketer until it was revealed that he was a big match fixer. There were many such big names who came out to be the betters or fixers.

    As far as knowing about the future, there is no harm in knowing it if the astrologer is true. I believe on astrologers once he judges the truth about my past as that gives me the confidence that he will predict my future correctly.

    But yes there are few cheaters also who have made astrology as their profession and make people fool and make lots of money for telling them their false future.


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    More specially as an Indian we have referred to anything more on emotional aspect & lesser on the financial implications & this suits very much in accordance to the game called Cricket. In addition, we have a free will whether we still intend to continue with the game after evident of match mixing or because of some other reasons wherein it come into our observation of involvement of some malpractices. For me lets enjoy & chill out of the outcome as in any game either one will win or lose because being the case of draw is a rarest of the rare phenomenon & during any of the circumstances we are little or nothing to get except that our interest or desire has been fulfilled.

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