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    Is love only enough in your life?

    Many times people say that they need just love in life and nothing else. Do you think only love is sufficient to survive in this world? My answer will be NO. For me another important thing is money. As you can't feed yourself and your family without money.

    People who fail in love forget this and get in depression due to failure. They should always remember that:

    ~ Love doesn't mean that you are compatible with your partner: Sometimes we love a certain person whose nature is completely different from us. Still, we fall in love with her or him. So we should remember that love is an emotional process whereas compatibility is not. It is possible that we may love someone but are not compatible.

    ~ Love is not always worth to sacrifice yourself: It is said love is a sacrifice. One should remember that in love relationship one should occasionally sacrifice his own desire, time needs but should not sacrifice his or her own dignity, respect, body, ambition just because you love someone. Such relationships don't last long.

    ~ Love may make you feel better about your relationship problems, it doesn't actually solve any of your relationship problems. You may feel that you are having a good relationship when in love but that may not be true. As being in a good relationship doesn't mean you fight and argue over the phone which usually a couple do when they are in love.

    So people who have a failed love relationship should not get depressed for being failed but should start their life as fresh.
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    Love is not the only important issue in life. But we should learn to love this beautiful world. Love need not be only with a person. You can love the nature around. We can love the animals around and we can love the birds around.
    But all these will happen only after your hunger is satisfied. First of all, you should think about your hunger and your family members wishes
    Then only the other things will come in our mind.
    There are many issues to be attended in our lives before thinking about love affairs and other similar issues.

    always confident

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    People who make the statement that love only is needed in life, generally take it for granted that food and other living background are already there. Otherwise, within a short span of life they will change their attitude. They may change the attitude as 'money only is needed in the life'.
    Of course, love is needed for the smooth going of life. Love should not be limited to one's wife or husband. One must learn to love everybody, including the nature. Then only a happy life one can expect on this earth.


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    Yes. Love alone is never ever enough. One always needs at least the basic amount of money to survive in life. Even in a relationship ,it is worthwhile to talk about every single matter like employment, care of parents, savings and so on and then decide if the marriage will be fine. It is ridiculous to think about all the matters only after the marriage.

    There are so many stupid movies in all languages including Hindi, where such scenes are so common. The couple would make hundreds of statements on "pure love" and so on. Strangely, the film will also try to prove that life is all milk and honey.

    No, it is not milk and honey. Modern life is far more complicated. The love that is shown in movies never works in life. One should be very careful. Even in arranged marriages, even if everything is otherwise fine and the character of the boy or girl is beyond any doubt, money and the financial stability of the boy and the girl in terms of their careers should also be taken into consideration.

    For example, those in the Management of IT are more better in terms of their career advancement and skill sets than those who work in pure programming jobs. Hence, it is always advisable to take into consideration all factors. This "pure love" theory is all trash.

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    There are some philosophical aspects of our life and is good within a certain boundaries but in case of real life we are required to have the combination of factors including that of food, clothing & shelter. The "love" doesn't come under the mandatory factors in order to carry out the life but yes this can be a suitable entity but only when the physical needs is satisfied. In this world of professionalism the love depends on the numbers of factors including that of money & social status along with how mean which we can be with others or in other words this can be referred to the transaction wherein there are conditions in between the two parties are agreed upon & so far this agreement is justified we find love & than its huge empty space.

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    The statement 'Love is the only thing needed in life' is wrong.
    Human beings have psychological needs which include power, ego, self-esteem, fame attention, wealth, and recognition etc. Unfortunately, we all have different boundaries. Some even don't have boundaries. Dealing with people is to get to see the boundaries.

    Love can help to create a life worth living.

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    Love is the eternal phenomenon. What I can say about the love is, Its an ingredient in the recipe of harmonious life of one and all. From humans to animals. Without love, one can survive but cant leads a happy life. The authors question and illustration of love is rightly fit in today's world. Love is a part but we can't live only with love. We should maintain a balance of all the ingredient to make the better taste of it. We need money, education, friends and family, different experience of life bitter and sore, sweet, etc. This all makes a life a beautiful journey. If any ingredient missed we missed the perfect taste of life.
    Well done is better than well said

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    Love is a very powerful emotion. Author has described love as per today's circumstances. Author has asked not to sacrifice dignity, respect, body, ambition when in love. First of all, true love never demands such kind of sacrifices. If a relationship is demanding anything and the other person is not comfortable, it isn't true love.

    It is a privilege to be in a true love relationship. However, we hardly find it in today's world. Couples who claim that they are in love with one another are actually attracted to each other. As soon as the attraction ends which is but obvious, everything ends. They fail miserably. Thus, today everyone around us passes the statement that we need more than love in our lives.

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    A good thought and good summary of what truly happens in love. To me love is the ability or itch to reconcile in the evening after a heavy dispute in the morning. Certainly love is not the only need. Pyramid of needs model goes this way: Physiological needs> Safety needs> Love> Self esteem> Social recognition. From the pyramid love comes right after food, water and shelter. That means it is a pretty important need. To me, everything else we do is indirectly to achieve our love. It makes perfect sense logically and biologically. Love could be the most unstoppable motivation and also the craziest since you don't selfishly reap from your love. Love makes no sense but also makes a lot of sense. Thriving in duality is love's nature I assume.
    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    There are different types of love in different relationships as it could be love with mum, dad, lover, and many more relationships.
    People who fail in love tend to go in depression and forget everything in spite of knowing that there are so many things we can love in this beautiful world. What happened if somone has lost his/her beloved? It's okay to be in little sadness but never to forget our real-life aims and should believe in moving on.
    There are other important things to do rather than just be in love. We have to move on otherwise we will lose ourself in the race of this world.
    So, concentrate on other things also.
    Become successful, earn your livelihood on your own will definitely bring happiness to you and eventually you will come across such people who truly deserve you.

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    There are many facades of our life and there are many ingredients which make it a worth living experience. These are livelihood, achievements, name and fame, love, good health and family life.

    Very few people are lucky enough to have a good portion of each of these things in their life.

    None of them alone can make us happy or contented. It is the everyone's wish to achieve these parameters to the best of their values and that is what requires a struggle and effort of having a balanced life where these attributes are present in their optimal positive forms.

    Knowledge is power.

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