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    The oppositions are announcing their union not for the sake of nation but instead of their survival.

    During numbers of efforts on behalf of the various leaders of the different regional parties as well as from the national level political parties have shown their concerns against the present ruling of the NDA governments & with this & in different occasions they have come together in one platform in order to show their strength. So far everything was ok but then the differences surfaced among many of them & this doesn't seem to be the possibility anymore.

    One thing for sure is that any of them are selfishly fighting for their own cause & for their own survival & within these the concerns of the nationhood have been lost in the due course or in practical this never talked about with a goal to target PM Modi for whatever reasons.
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    The only agenda for all these parties is to make BJP lose the elections in the coming elections. Nodoby is really interested in the welfare of the society or well being of a common man. Now a common man his lost all his hopes on all these political parties and leaders. They know that they have to spend money to get their things done.
    All the opposition leaders want to be in power. That want to make money. All of them wanted to be in power. We have seen the Deva Gowda government. A similar story will only repeat.
    All their agenda is single point agenda. To see that Modi will be out of power. There is a saying in Telugu that two swords can't be kept in one cover. Same is the case here. Two party presidents can't accept each other as their leader.

    always confident

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