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    What matters most- Efforts or Results?

    A rigorous effort is needed to achieve good results. Yes, I agree. To reach a high position or to win a game, a heavy competition will be there among the competitors, but ultimately one person will be the winner. When a winner is found, it is natural that fame will be created for that person and the whole world will speak about the sacrifices, talent, efforts and the achievements of the winner. In the midst of the fame created for the winner, the name of other competitors will vanish and their efforts will remain unnoticed. Similarly, when we consider a business, the importance given to the end result is more when compared to the efforts of the employees. Does the world focus only on the results and not on the efforts?

    Just because a person loses or fails to achieve the target, does not mean that he/she is incapable and have not put in any efforts. Every person will try their maximum and will give their best to be a winner. But due to many reasons, he/she may not be a winner or would have failed to produce the best results. A loser will always have the opportunity to learn from his/her failure and their efforts will obviously be a helping hand to them. Why is this world so ignorant about the efforts of a person? What matters most in life- Efforts or Results?

    Share your views.

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    It is the result which matters most & efforts are the secondary in importance at least in the existing picture & with the given choices.

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    Why we have to make efforts? To attain a certain end benefit which is nothing but the desired result. When the result is not in our favour nobody will recognise our efforts. An outsider will measure your capability with the end result only. They don't bother about the efforts. If you have to attend a meeting and you are late by 10 minutes, all the members will say you are ten minutes late. How many efforts you have put in will not be counted here. So always an outsider will measure you by the results only.
    But for an individual his efforts are important. He has to see whether he has put in his services in the correct direction or not. If any amendment is required it is to be done and again try our best to be successful. We should not get dejected with the end result and we should try further to see that we will attain our goal. One should think that the failures are the stepping stones for success and should keep on trying until the goal is attained.

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    While efforts matter, it is always the result that counts. This is true in every walk of life. Efforts are common to all. But how is that there is only one winner, like in a T20 cricket match?

    The answer is that the efforts at any given point in time, have to necessarily go on with a lot of tact.

    What exactly is this tact? This tact refers to the planning and execution capabilities. The ability to spot talent and go about the task with a lot of planning requires more than elementary common sense. This is exactly the story of M.S. Dhoni.

    Look at how he was able to make the CSK the most successful franchise of the IPL. Last year, when CSK participated after a gap of two years, there were so many players who were thirty and above years in age. Yet, MS Dhoni was able to rotate his players so well. Ambatti Rayadu was given a superb role to express himself. Dhoni 's famous helicopter shot was back. CSK went on to win the IPL for the third time.

    Who would have imagined that with an ordinary investment of just Rs18000 rupees, one can go on to build a Rs2000 crore company called Cavinkare from Chennai, with Chik shampoo the largest selling shampoo in the sachet segment in India? Tact was there in each of his moves.

    Yes, those who loose also need to be rewarded for their efforts. Yet, the final winner will always be just one. There are so many music directors. But if there is one music director who does not even talk about his competitors and goes about his job with the best of passion, it is A.R.Rahman. Today, he has the entire film world at his feet.

    Tact, in my opinion makes all the difference.

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    Achieving a target is always possible with a lot of effort but sometimes in spite of putting in a lot of effort we lose the game and fill ourselves with a feeling of despair.
    As we all know that failures are the pillar to success.
    Why to worry about the results? Put in the efforts more than required, you will definitely win.
    So, I think aspirants should always concentrate on the efforts not on the results because thinking about result, again and again, will tend to make us susceptible about the results and we tend to lose hope.
    So, while making an effort to achieve your dream don't think about result, just put in lot of effort with some smart work rest you should leave on.
    An aspirant's duty is to do karma rest will be taken care.

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    I am curious to why you got only one point for writing this thread. The post seems long and you must have invested five minutes atleast on this post. So did your effort pay off? Now refrain from replying that rhetorical question. I understand that there are credit scoring and giving rules. I just wanted to use your case as an analogy.

    Efforts matter when they are broadcasted. You see, I am learning to play guitar and I have not learnt a single song yet. But I invest a sizable amount of my day to guitar but no one cares because I am not broadcasting my efforts, through say , Whatsapp stories or some other form. Results are paramount. Efforts are a way to gain experience. But by showing people the efforts you put can gain a great deal of attention. Why not, effort is attractive after all. So, either come with results or show that you put efforts in great detail. Just showing the time you have spent won't do too. A sense of passion must appear in your work.

    Imagine your boss assigned you a job of printing a whole PDF file. Despite your best efforts you couldn't. But if you can somehow document the way you put honest efforts, that will gain you sympathy and favour. So efforts matter, when they are documented/recorded/broadcasted.

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    We put in efforts for the desired result. Therefore for reaching the target, efforts are essential. For our work, we get paid because of the results. If the desired results cannot be achieved, the company/customer will not be satisfied and will warn us. If it continues for little more, they will show us the door. So, the success and monetary benefits are all associated with the desired results.

    Efforts are a must for all these but as long as people are not reaching the coveted position, others will not bother to listen to the efforts. Only our near and dear ones, who have followed us closely will know our actual efforts. But those who do not know us, they will never think of the hardships we went through. We hear a lot of success stories where the efforts and failures are described. Unfortunately, the stories of failures are not published and we do not get to know the efforts behind them. We are concerned about the end-results but efforts cannot be neglected.

    I would be very philosophical if I say there is no need to recognize one's effort by the persons who do not know him in case of failure. Let the person himself analyze every action of the whole process and scrutinize what went wrong. There is every possibility to try things afresh to achieve something.


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    Efforts are necessary to get the results but whether the results will be commensurate with the efforts is a thing to ponder deeply as there are many factors which shape the results.

    It is not necessary that everyone will achieve the desired results. Circumstances, chances, interventions, technical problems can affect the processes adversely affecting the ultimate results.

    So efforts are needed but there is no one to one correspondence between the two. Everything is judged by the results. No one goes back to check whether efforts were really made to reach that particular goal.

    That is why the humble people always utter while telling about their success that they have not done anything and whatever they achieved is by the grace of the God.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Interesting! All the responses posted here reflects the different shades of efforts and the individual viewpoints of members on efforts and results. On the whole, everyone has a firm belief at the end results and the final outcomes produced out of efforts. Yes, I agree with your standpoints. But a few members in their responses have mentioned that a person's effort will be identified only when they are showcased. Is it really true? I don't think so. Even if we document a file, record a video or upload an image, how many people will notice the efforts behind it? I think, hardly a very few will identify and give credits because a critic who is hiding inside all of us will blindly ignore the efforts of a person and will rush to analyze the outcomes established in the document, a video or an image because only the end results are so attractive and will be easily caught in the eyes of the people. As stated by others, ultimately the result overtakes, leaving the efforts behind. Also, I would say that the final result is more attractive and not the efforts even if it is established.

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    This is really harsh that people don't recognise the efforts which someone might have put but could not win. This is because it's not possible to recognise everyone's effort. People normally appreciate the winners and criticize the losers or just check the efforts made by bottom ones.

    Not everyone can recognise the efforts of people, its the leader of the team who is connected well with the people should recognise each effort.

    Recognition may be small like giving a card written: "thank you for your hard work", " well done", "hard luck" etc that will motivate people to put more efforts next time.


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    I will back up what I said Soundharya. My major project has been going downhill ever since we started. By I decided to stick to my experiment nevertheless. I carefully put all data in my report and presented that to my faculty. They appeared visibly satisfied. Now obviously my experiment went wrong and my results were not right but by documenting results I showed my efforts. This was my personal experience. I can cite some more but they might sound trivial.
    So to save your efforts from going in vain document them well. No one with a heart would be audacious enough to through your efforts out of window that way.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    That sounds cool! I too had experienced the same in my final year engineering project. Our team did an experiment out of our domain and somehow managed to get some results, obviously the wrong one. My guide accepted the final results which I had documented, but after my project submission was over she claimed that our team has not shown any interest and have failed to put efforts. So, sad, isn't it? Since the topic was out of our domain, we have read a lot of research papers regarding the topic, learned a new tool and implemented our project in that tool. Luckily, the project panel has accepted our project work, but still, the final comments from my guide totally bashed our efforts. Even if we try hard to establish our efforts, sometimes our effort goes vain as I have experienced. But now it sounds funny, as it happened a long ago. Established efforts may get proper recognition but not all the times.

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    When we were in school, teachers would encourage us by saying participate in as many competitions as possible. Participation matters. Everything is not about winning. Participation requires efforts. In the end, only one person is going to win the race and others who put in their efforts will receive ranking as per the efforts they have put in. Thus, for me, efforts matters the most. Everything is not a race and everything isn't a competition. We cannot always think about the end result. Also, the end result isn't in our hands. There are lots of factors which will ultimately decide the end result.

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