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    Why many members are missing in this forum?

    We have many talented and dynamic members with contrasting views and ideas in this forum.
    It is unfortunate to note that those members are missing since many days and even months. I request all those members to return back and make this forum more live, colorful and vibrant.

    Dear friends,
    We all are for diversity in sharing knowledge and opinions. Loss of diversity is harmful to our own existence as friends.
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    We should have friendly discussions on this forum. The discussion is nothing but our views on the particular topic. There is no rule that all should have the same opinion on all the subjects. These views should be taken as related to that particular topic and nothing should be taken as personal. But sometimes some members express their views in such a way that some people will get hurt. The Editors of ISC are here to control such situations.
    As mentioned by the author some members from this forum section are missing these days. These reasons may be different. The members may be busy with their personal or official works and hence they may not be able to spend some time here. I will also request all such members to spend a little time and see that all the members are in touch. Presence of many members and their views sharing will make this forum section more useful and attractive.

    always confident

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    Even I have noticed a few of the members are missing because of which forum has become little inactive.

    But it happens people have work priorities, may be they are busy in their offline works. Hope they come back with more energy after they finish their work. It's advisable if they log in at least for a few minutes.


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    It's true that few members are not posting in this forum for quite some time. They were regular contributors and all of a sudden they stopped posting here. We have witnessed certain unwanted comments and opinions from a few members that were rightly removed by the editors. This section is moderated and each member must follow the posting guidelines. I remember that some members have said that because of the punitive measures they couldn't log in to ISC for quite some time.

    At times we become emotional and do certain things without thinking of the consequences and maybe because of that actions were taken against them. This is a platform to express our views and there is no personal enmity between any of the members.

    Apart from this, a few of them may be busy with lots of work and not getting enough time to log in. I hope, they will be active again after becoming little free.


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    Following are what I think the reasons:
    1. Members should be busy posting in other section, actually article one because of the recent reward program.
    2. This is a festival season and also a wedding season. Members are stuck in some sort of preparation maybe.
    3. This is a serious issue. An organisation only lasts when contributors act the way editors propose. I think the strictness of ISC in terms of posting has caused uneasiness in several old members. Skirmishes between members and editors are now a daily sight which is not at all a good sign of stability. Owing to this many even discontinued ISC. Looks like for time being ISC's intolerance policy backfired. But some sort of control was necessary and we as responsible members must oblige.
    4. Maybe, members are active and what we miss instead are the posts of once prolific writers. There are some members who interact a much more than others and what we miss is that, since those specific members are now invisible.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    They might we busy in some offline work because it is exam time also.
    It might be possible they are office going persons, so they have to manage both online as well as offline work.
    I think they are doing things as per their priorities.
    I hope they will come back soon and log in and will post their valuable answers.

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    It is not a new phenomenon. In every forum or discussion section it happens that the activity level goes up and down in resonance with the members preoccupation, number of contests announced in ISC, political and social issues going in the country and factors like that.

    It is true that some old members are seen less now but at the same time there are some new members who have made their presence felt and are contributing in a very good pace to make the forum section as vibrant as it was earlier.

    So with a hope that every autumn is followed by a spring, we will soon be seeing more and more activity here.

    ISC is one of those prestigious platforms in the internet world where issue based discussions are held and members refrain from personal comments.

    This is one of the most important thing contributing to its survival and longevity.

    I wish we all go along this trend and make this place a bench mark for other sites. Please remember that members will come and members will go but their spirit, maturity and prudence should remain here only to guide the coming generations.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I noted all your points.
    Members are stuck in some sort of preparation of marriages?
    I have to attend one marriage in next week!
    By that time, let us hope some invisible prolific members will be visible!

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    Some members might have been suspended - just a thought!

    While it seems highly unlikely, but it is also possible that they might have suddenly turned wise and decided to toe the line, rather than receive flak, because of their posts. Which means that they are willfully keeping off the forum.

    Some members might say, good riddance.

    Any which way we look at it, the forum looks a nice, happy place, without the constant bickering. I hope this genial atmosphere continues.

    Natrajan is one member that I miss. His posts were generally intelligent and to the point. I have often wondered what made him leave the site, ever so abruptly.

    'A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak' - Micheal Garrett Marino

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    True Juana. I miss Natarajan's posts too. He was creative and smart while replying. He had knowledge about a variety of topics. Maybe he just can't find time anymore.
    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Yes, the forum is indeed having a better pleasant atmosphere now, with the ZTP in place and the needful action being taken by the Webmasters when things go out of hand and the policy is breached. The aim of the policy, though, is not to say good riddance and keep away members, but simply to douse unhealthy flare-ups to maintain forum decorum.

    I had contacted Natarajan in mid-October and enquired about his absence in the forum and other contributions. He stated that he was busy with other commitments and would join back once it's manageable. So let's hope that is soon! I also contacted K Mohan twice via FB, but he neither responded back nor resumed forum participation. He did, though, put in a brief comment to one of my articles. Perhaps he no longer has an affinity to ISC in general and to the forum in particular. Members like Chitra and Saroja were also fun to have around in the forum. A couple of members who were regularly active in the forum have also turned their focus more on the AE section.

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    I don't think that members are concerned about suspension and all. People are here just for relaxing and spending some good time in discussing various issues in a friendly manner. Nothing more. There is no compulsion for anybody to be here.There are various interesting internet platform available. For the forum to be interesting we need people with different viewpoints, diverse ideas, different geography, and creative/out of the box nature. Members should not leave due misunderstandings. Experienced members should be respected. I think, we should learn some HR fundamentals!

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