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    Giving importance to infrastructure for real growth

    It has time and again proved that very good infrastructure in the form of good roads, better trains and so on, will and does lead to massive growth. With the introduction of T18, an engineering marvel, the Indian Railways is doing an excellent job. One is told that in around 210 minutes, one can reach Bangalore from Chennai. When this becomes a reality, the flights between the two cities might as well be cancelled, as together with the commuting time to reach the airports in either city and then going to the place of residence, every single human being is spending the same time. So, one can just hop into the train, do business and get back to the city by night.

    We need many more such innovations. Our great Prime Minister' s great dream project called the bullet train, a project with such a huge investment, seems to be stuck in some nightmarish litigation. To expect farmers to become poor is absolutely irrational. Instead, we need better versions of T18 and such trains. We need far better roads as well. For instance, our Highways in many places is already very good. If we can maintain such Highways, our infrastructure can, by itself promote so much of self employment and employment in the service sector.
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    210 minutes of shuttle time between Chennai and Bangalore is an excellent idea.It can boost the business sentiments there. I think, Bullet train is executing under Mumbai-Delhi Industrial Corridor. A huge investment of approx. Rs 25000 Crores + is happening at IICC at New Delhi, which can change the shape of Delhi within 5 years. New Delhi Airport, Delhi Metro, Convention centers/hotels/Apartments etc, all mix together and make India incredible!! I understand, PM is directly monitoring the job.
    We need more and more and more investment in infrastructure projects especially in Southern region. We need wonders! Capital of Andhra, Amravati is developing. I heard that they are making some unique structure (a wonder)as State Assembly building.
    But, overall pace of development is slow.

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    Infrastructure development is the backbone of any country's progress in the real terms. It paves way for industrial and economic development which are essential for creating new jobs and opportunities for the millions of aspiring young people in the country.

    Any Govt which gives a thrust to these things is doing a praiseworthy job and the future success stories will be written on these foundation stones. Funding and money for these projects is always available and in fact there is no problem in that if there is a will to improve the infrastructure in the country. It is only an excuse if the authorities say that they have no funds.

    Billions of deposits by public and companies alike is in Govt coffeurs and over and above that the revenue from tax collection etc is also a continuous pouring into the exchequer. Besides that Govt can always go for deficit financing so I do not think that funds or budget is an issue for development. We have to change our mindset and think in a visionary ways for developing the infrastructure for not only the need for this year or next year but for next 20 years then only the facilities will be in place by that time.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A good infrastructure will make the place to develop well. The then CM of Combined AP Babu planned good roads, flyovers and other amenities in Hyderabad city. Those works brought very good IT companies to Hyderabad. Today Hyderabad is one of the few IT hubs in India. The international airport in Hyderabad has given a permanent place to Hyderabad in the world map as one of the good places for business. This is a case which shows the importance of infrastructure for the development of an area.
    There is no second opinion in this aspect. The T 18 is a very good development which is joining Chennai with Bangalore by a fast track of 210 minutes. If we sit on the train at 6 AM in the morning we will be in Bangalore by 9 30 AM and we can come back to Chennai by 9.30 PM. Similar trains within many other important cities will make cities near and it will give a lot of encouragement to the investors to invest in our country.

    always confident

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