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    There was no man inside the radio!

    All of you have seen a radio. Hope many of you might have seen the big Murphy Radio. Long ago, it was the only source of entertainment. There was no television, computer or mobile devices. People were so much dependent on radios. There were different programs broadcasted through various stations and the sound was not so good. Much later, FM radio came into the picture with absolutely clear sound and nowadays almost everybody listens to the programs in different FM channels.

    I have heard from my parents and a few relatives that during their childhood, they used to think somebody is there inside the radio and making the sounds. I told the same thing to a child few days ago and he replied that it was not human but some cockroaches and insects that used to make the sounds. I was surprised and asked him about the reason for this thought. He replied that some time ago he went to his grandparents' home and opened a very big wooden radio there. There he found few dead cockroaches and other insects lying inside. He concluded, since nobody listened to big radios nowadays, the insects kept waiting and died inside. A nice conclusion!
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    Haha. It is very amusing to think of it that way. Now that we are all very educated, even thinking of saying those things sounds absurd to us. But back in those days technology was rapidly increasing. They would have easily believed that technology could somehow enforce a small man to work inside radio. Or cockroaches.
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    An amusing thread bringing the reminiscent of past when technical advancements were on the anvil.

    When humans landed on Earth, the whole world was watching and thrilled. Same thing happened when NASA robots landed on Mars and sent the pictures of the terrestrial rocks and planes there.

    At the time of landing on Moon many seniors in my village told us that it is only a propaganda by US to show their might in the world and in fact they have landed the rocket somewhere in the unknown desert area on the Earth itself and now showing the pictures on the TV and Magazines.

    At that time we were in school and did not know whether to believe them or the US.

    So these developments will be going like this with doubts and apprehensions being casted by some people.

    Knowledge is power.

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    So funny. I also used to think there is someone inside the radio who sing. We also had a big wooden radio on which we used to wait for the programs. Àlso when we used to go to our village we used to hear the songs on the transistor as that was the only mode of entertainment in those days.

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    Sir, the children today are far more intelligent. In those days, we were quite innocent. In the times past, we had a huge metal vessal. It had a big base in which we would burn coal and some firewood. In the upper part, we would have at least one full bucket of water that would become really hot within around twenty minutes. Someone would go on hearing the coal so that each one of us could have a very good bath. In so many places one can still see such vessals. Particularly in so many tea shops.

    Till standard six, I thought BHEL, where my father was employed, manufactured these vessals!! So many of my classmates thought so!! I would innocently ask my father why there should be a problem for their market. I did ask him to buy one for my home as well. He laughed loudly and was joined by a neighbour that BHEL manufactured electrical equipment for huge thermal power plants. This was a rude shock to all of us.

    Today, a third standard student may know about thermal power. Thanks to the internet.

    Yes, worryingly, we do not see any innocence in children. They have become so independent. They start questioning everything. This is a huge minus in most children now. They have also become self centred. Every child, just five years old, wants a smartphone.

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    Yes. Those days having a radio in the house is a very great issue. In my grandfather's village only one family used to have radio. So the lady of that house is famous as radio aunty. Later on my grandfather also purchased a radio of Murphy make. The size was almost of a TV thesedays. Every Sunday at 3PM all are used to gather near the radio to hear the shortened movie dialogues.Those days Cylone radio station is very famous. Meenakshi Pannudorai used to be the anchor for daily Telugu songs.
    I think no child will think that there will be somebody inside the radio these days. I feel that children told you about the insects just for fun. These children,these days are capable of understanding and learning many technological advances also.

    always confident

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    In many of the occasions the same was the case with me too. Imagine the scenario wherein that you believed the singers inside the tape recorder & suddenly when the songs competed this is now being heard from the radio. Those were nothing more than the magic for me. I really had with such mad imaginations but not like that as has been mentioned by the author.

    Well really, gone are the days....

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