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    Hairdo was common man's crown

    Looking back into history we see men with funny hats and crowns. It is actually pretty jarring that the classical Indian crown that we see in movies and serials isnt seen much while excavating. Possibly because no one has been wearing those fancy crowns since last thousand years as Muslim rulers took over. Even later Hindu kings like Sri Krishna Devraya only wore a clothed turban most times, even when Vijayanagar was filled with gold. Crowns are not that widely seen. And that goes for the whole world. Instead people used artifacts to accentuate their hairstyle.
    The art of styling one's hair is a pretty old custom. Everyone did it. Hairstyles were seen as a way to distinguish people. We can see that in Brahmin queue hairstyle, where a tail is given to an otherwise bald head. Similar thing was seen among Machus. Before Machus, almost everyone in China sported buns. We can see the nobles distinguishing themselves from working glass through long puffy wigs in Victorian era. African tribes either went bald or sported dreadlocks.

    In all above examples we see how common people used their hairstyle and accessories to distinguish themselves from downtrodden working class. One's with no hairstyle were considered barbaric and nomadic.
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    A good thread by the author elaborating on the hairstyles in the past.

    Digging history is sometimes a great fun and amusing activity. How people were wearing different attires at different times and how the unique hairstyles were adding to their personalities is definitely a matter of research and fashion and style analysis.

    Sometimes adopting to hilarious or unlikely attires could be due to identity crisis to attract attention in a crowd but whatever be the root reason it many times gave birth to new styles.

    For example in hair cutting we are seeing a new trend of showing subtle depictions on the back side of head by artistically cutting and designing the hairs there.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Crowns were used more by kings in the old history only. As mentioned by the author, the trend is not seen long. Turbans were even today also in villages especially in farmering community. Different people will go with different hairstyles these days. These days youth will try to change their hair styles as frequently as possible as to follow their super heros of the movies.
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