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    Giving jobs to the differently abled people

    At last, there is a big hope for the differently abled people. Today's Times of India, that is, 6th December 2018, that organizations such as Axis Bank and EY have started employing educated and differently abled people. This is a very good and welcome development.

    There cannot be a better news than this, about inclusive growth. It is really a big news. Of course, the Chennai edition of TOI has carried this news. Hopefully,other editions will carry such news as well. With the advent of the most sophisticated software, the differently abled people will now be able to do so well in their jobs and become as smart as normal people.

    We are in the midst of a massive IT revolution. One is afraid artificial intelligence will simply make so many thousands of jobs irrelevant. However, this news is a really good news in this context.
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    The AP government and Telangana government are giving jobs to differently abled person and there is a reservation percentage for the. I think Tamilnadu will also have some percentage. This is about the government jobs. SBI and other nationalised banks also have reservations for these people. Now if the private institutions are also coming forward to accommodate these people, it is really a good news for them. More and more organisations should come forward and help these people do that they can also have a better life.
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    That's a good news. At least a few organisations are thinking about such people. It's very difficult for such people as they remain dependent on their parents or siblings for whole life, by doing such Nobel activity such people will be able to move ahead in life independently at least financially.

    I remember we had a neighbour who has a daughter deaf and dumb. She studied up to 10th in their special schools and was totally dependent on her parents financially but her grandfather started searching for a job for her and luckily she got a government job and became independent. She did not marry and living with her brother but as of now, her salary package is enough to feed herself and have lots of bank balance. So she doesn't ask money for her needs from her parents or brother.

    It's a very good move and hopefully, many of such people who have the zeal to do something in their life will get benefitted.


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    Differently abled persons are a part and parcel of our society and it is really a noble gesture to provide suitable jobs to them. We can not give them every job but depending upon their capabilities something can always be found to occupy and keep them productive.

    This involvement brings a lot of confidence and satisfaction in these people who are ready to do something as per the physical capacity but opportunity is not given to them.

    Today there is a big population of these people and if all the organisations think in this direction of giving a few jobs to these people it will be great contribution to the humanity.

    Kudos to the initiatives taken by these institutions in this direction.

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    Yes this is a good step on their end but how & when this is going to be implemented in the various governmental institutions because many of those are still struggling with the reservation system of the dominant community of that region.?

    Anyhow not the least that this has begun with a hope that other players will also come along with such practices.

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    Differently abled people are as active mentally as a physically active people and hence n discrimination should be made in relation to recruitment. We need to promote such physically deformed by providing them suitable incentives at each stage from education to the other end when they are on the look out an assignment fitting to their criteria in respect of qualification.
    Times of India edition carrying a news of recruitment of differently a led people in the Axis - Bank is a welcome step and this needs to be intensified further with the more openings in other sectors as well so as to boost up the morales of this section.

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    This is a noble act indeed. But I am worried about coworkers. In developed countries offices are converted into a disabled friendly premise. Building ramps, printing documents in Braille and other such ways to comfort the differently abled people. Here though despite countless campaigns and awareness programs we haven't seen such development. This way unconsciously we are setting further obstacles for them. And also the etiquette that coworkers possess matters a lot.
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    It's a very good step and hope other private organizations will also start following this. Economic independence is essential for everybody and differently abled people are no exception to this. Awareness among people is increasing and this is a step forward to treat them equally.

    We have to remember that they are also part of society and can play a significant role in the development of a nation. While differently abled persons cannot take up every kind of job, they can take up jobs that they can easily do. There must be facilities at the offices for them according to the nature of their disabilities and all of us must be cooperative towards them. They are also an integral part of the society and organizations must come forward to provide them the equal opportunity in the job market.


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    People with disabilities are sometimes much more productive than healthy ones. Though they can not do all the work, but that they can do very diligently

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