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    What is the new rule regarding weight of the school bags?

    One does hear too many different versions of the Court verdict in the case of school bags. It does seem to indicate that the school students need to take only fewer books n notebooks to their schools.

    The play schools that have sprung up everywhere, are the best schools for education before the child enters standard six. The most important learning comes only through playing and it is often seen that such children never have any fear of their parents or teachers. The homework load is also less.

    More and more innovations are now needed. It is pathetic to see small children board public buses with huge school bags. The situation becomes horrible when the buses are fully packed during peak hours.

    Members, who know the actual legal position may please respond. In the meanwhile, if there are examples of the better schools where the school bag headache is far less or even zero, such examples with even names may please be mentioned for better understanding of the far better alternatives.
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    The court has given guidelines regarding the schoolbag's weight for each class. A table with allowed weights for each class has also come in social media. I don't know how far those weights are correct and I don't remember them also.
    In Bangalore my brother's daughter got admitted in a school where they never ask the student to write read in the house. No homework upto fifth class. They teach Sanskrit and they teach them more general things. The concept is very good. The students are treated very nicely here. I don't remember the name of the school. Like that some schools are coming where the children will enjoy their school life rather than feeling it as a head ache.

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    I am not sure about how much weight of the school bag should be, legally but my kids are in the fifth standard and they carry too much weight on their shoulders and do get homework which is meant for us, not for them. I remember up to the 1st standard they used to carry fewer books as teachers used to keep most of the books in the cupboard allotted in the school. It's bad that little kids have to carry weight more than their own weight.

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    There can't be the predetermining factors leading to decide the weight of the school bags because for different institutes & schools the syllabuses would be different. Through elementary knowledge if we calculate the whole thing than while assuming that in one day & during a course the numbers of subject to be taught are eight then there would be eight books as well as the note books accompanying this & for any extra periods or subjects there would the addition in accordance to this with little options left for the parents or to the children.

    So far we have been following with the traditional package of syllabuses with no major changes in the curriculum & therefore if we have to improve the overall situation with a revolutionized curriculum than we must allow the big changes here with improved, targeted & future oriented courses but are we ready for this? Because we saw a huge complaints from all respected personalities during the times of GST & Demonetization.

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