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    Why should the Madras High Court always intervene?

    It has taken just one senior citizen, who has taken on the rich and the mighty and the political class as well. His name is traffic Ramaswamy.

    This gentleman is a real one man army. The city's huge hoardings were removed after the Cout admonished the political bosses. The State Government has often arrested him. But this relentless man never ever gives up.

    Chennai's major tourist attraction is the superb Marina beach. It is the second largest beach in the world. Full stop.

    Sadly, it it is also the dirtiest or one of the dirtiest beaches in the world. Yes, the public us to blame. Yet, the Government, through the Chennai Corporation, ought to keep it clean. But the ruling party of the State is a rudderless ship now.

    The Madras High Court has virtually ordered the Corporation to network with volunteers and clean the beach. This should become a daily affair.

    The Corporation should also recruit any number of volunteers, even senior citizens, who should be empowered to impose spot fines, up to Rs100, on anyone who makes it dirty.

    Democracy does not mean license to do any harm to public property. The Marina should be saved. The most important question is the role of the judiciary. It is a shame that the State Government is absolutely useless.
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    The court has to intervene and order the cleaning of Marina beach. Really shameful. The Marina beach is one of the good spots in Chennai and all the tourists coming to Chennai will make a visit here. Why the Chennai Corporation can't see that the place is kept clean. If you see the beaches in Visakhapatna, you will get astonished. They are maintained so clean. The civilised society should understand the importance of cleanliness and they should cooperate with the administration in maintaining the same. Unfortunately many of our people never bother about their responsibilities. Such people deserves punishment definitely. There is nothing wrong in imposing fines on the people who are making the public places untidy. These days Rs.100/- is a small amount and the fine amount can be even up to thousand rupees.
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